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Sara Progressi
Milano, Italy

Sara's portfolio
Caterina Zanca
Rovigo 45100, Italia

Caterina's portfolio
Barbara Uderzo
Creazzo, Italy

In 1990, after attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Barbara Uderzo started her work with jewels, both in the artistic and in the industria [...]

Barbara's portfolio
Silvia Beccaria
Torino, Italy

An artist and textile designer, Silvia works with mind and hands in symbiosis, leading her to investigate the past – often breaking the rules, albe [...]

Silvia's portfolio

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Members' event / Awards
München, 12 October 2017 - 7 January 2018
danner preis 2017

Danner prize 2017 Exhibition of the awarded works

Members' event / Awards
Hanau, 4 March - 7 May 2017
Friedrich Becker Preis 2017

Award and Exhibition " FRiedrich Becker Preis2017"

Agc event / Workshops
Rieti, 16 - 17 September 2017
weekend con il gioiello - weekend with jewels

AGC is delighted to present the second edition of a workshop which will be held by Manuel Vilhena, artist of contemporary jewelry and docent at international

Members' event / Exhibitions
BUCAREST, 13 - 14 May 2017
Autor Fair - Bucharest

MYDAY-BYDAY partecipa all'edizione Autor 2017 a Bucarest il 13/14 maggio con i seguenti artisti: NOELIA MACCHI, TAL BARASH EFRAIM, LAURA FORTE, FABRIZIO BONVICINI, FRANCESCA MAZZOTTA, LI [...]

Other event / Exhibitions
Adria, 6 May - 22 October 2017
Ornamenta - Gioielli tra storia e design - Museo Archeologico Nazionale - Adria (Ro) - Venice Design Week

I partecipanti: Rita Martinez (Costa Rica), Andrea D'Agostino, Renata Manganelli, Alessandra Pasini, Alessandra Gardin, Giovanni Di Vito, Giuliana Di Franco, Anna Fanigina (Lettonia), Mar [...]

Members' event / Exhibitions
Roma, 10 May 2017
Tiina Rajakallio in Rome - mydaybayday space

"I am thinking about the present-day Western people and their connection with nature. How natural the contact is? Is it romanticized, magical, run by economical efficiency or totally gone [...]

Members' event / Conferences
Piacenza, 6 May 2017
Gioiello di ricerca. Percorsi e riflessioni.

During the exhibit of Gioielli in Fermento – Master Collection 2017 set up at Torre Fornello (Italy) on May 7-17 . 2017, we are pleased to present a program of seminars open to studio jew [...]

Members' event / Exhibitions
Piacenza, 7 - 17 May 2017
Gioielli in Fermento 2017 Master Collection

Gioielli in Fermento 2017 Master Collection An overview of the works, the most significant in the evolution of the project over the years exhibiting Selected and new Works from 2011 to 2 [...]

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Klagenfurt, 8 - 16 July 2017
Corso per insegnanti

Il corso di formazione per insegnanti è un programma di formazione unico che presenta "l'insegnam [...]

Firenze, 17 February 2017
Walter Romani

Con grande dispiacere vi comunichiamo la scomparsa del nostro collega ed ex socio AGC Walter Roma [...]

1 October - 15 November 2017
Fiera del Gioiello Contemporaneo

Prima Fiera del Gioiello Contemporaneo in Italia, a Torino, presso l'Archivio di Stato, autunno/i [...]

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