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Anna Fornari

Anna Fornari orafo-artista (Italy 1965) Education and professional qualifications • scientific studies at the [...]

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Lucilla Giovanninetti
Milano, Italy

EANDARE Accessories for the body, search for portable shapes, even if macro, study of fabrics as mouldable materials. Metal, alone or in combinat [...]

Lucilla's portfolio
Yoko Takirai, Pietro Pellitteri
Firenze, Italy

After graduating from the West Verginia University in the USA, in 1995 Yoko Takirai moved to Florence to study at the jewellery school “Le Arti Ora [...]

Yoko Takirai,'s portfolio
Nicola Heidemann
Passau, Germany

I am dreaming jewelry. I am curios about what is developing during the permanent dialogue between nature and me. Actually I am not a creator, i am [...]

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Members' event / Exhibitions
Venezia, 10 December 2016 - 10 January 2017

OHMYBLUE "Selected Stories", Susanna Baldacci Corrado De Meo Maria Rosa Franzin Gigi Mariani Barbara Paganin Yoko Takirai e Pietro Pellitteri Sergio e Stefano Spivach Babett [...]

Members' event / Exhibitions
Pechino, 10 November 2016 - 20 January 2017
Triple Parade 2016

11/12.2016-01/2017 TRIPLE PARADE 2016 – Dialogue Across You and Me to Them: Creator, Wearer, Viewer. Curator: Jie Sun Traveling exhibitions: Tianjin SHENGXI Museum of Fine Arts | [...]

Agc event / Exhibitions
1 - 29 December 2016
14+15=29 designers del gioiello contemporaneo Cremona - Casalmaggiore a cura di Patrizia Bonati

Members' event / Exhibitions
MILANO, 1 - 23 December 2016

WALKING TREASURES – TESORI DA PASSEGGIO ESH Gallery ha il piacere di presentare l'evento finale dell'anno, dal titolo “Walking Treasures – Tesori da passeggio”. Un'occasione imperdibile [...]

Members' event / Exhibitions
Vienna, 18 November 2016 - 4 February 2017
25 Jahre Galerie Slavik Wien WINTERREISE

Galerie Slavik continues to celebrate its 25th anniversary with another large-scale jubilee exhibition opening on 18th november. »winter journey« will be accompanied by the second volume [...]

Agc event / Exhibitions
Casalmaggiore CR, 26 November 2016 - 15 January 2017

PROGETTO AGC - JJDA DIALOGHI 対話 ITALIA – GIAPPONE A cura di: AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo Italia JJDA Japan Jewellery Designers Association Giappone Il pr [...]

Members' event / Exhibitions
24 November - 29 December 2016
14+15=29 Designer Progetto a cura di Patrizia Bonati

Progetto Dialoghi _ Museo del Bijou_Cremona 2016/2017 AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo _ JJDA Japanese JewelleryDesign Association In occasione della mostra Dialoghi che si te [...]

Members' event / Exhibitions
Milan, 16 November - 23 December 2016
TALES new collection by Francesca Mo

In this collection, through a realistic language, Francesca Mo comes to pure abstraction with the breaking down of a story in a set of images that, although having a value alone, combine [...]

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Milano, 9 - 17 September 2016
Pubblicare il Gioiello Contemporaneo. GIOIELLI IN FERMENTO

Save the Date.  September 9 th / 17th 2016 GIOIELLI IN FERMENTO, TORRE FORNELLO   Una occasion [...]

RIGA, 20 July - 20 August 2016
GIANCARLO MONTEBELLO The conductor of an orchestra of artist jewellery

Translated from Italian to English by Nichka Marobin

Milano, 1 July - 30 September 2016
Artistar Contest

Modalità di Partecipazione Per poter prendere parte alle selezioni di Artistar Jewels [...]

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