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Projects are the heart of AGC. They represent the quality of our sector and our communication with the outside world. At the startring point of each AGC project, the association provides for a methodology of growth, which is carried out through a verification and control of the various stages of a project; implementation, accomplishment, verification.


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“AGC project" means a project approved by the AGC as it meets the criteria that the association has established to ensure a qualitative standard that is essential for a better communication in the sector. These are the elements that the association takes into account for the evaluation of projects: Quality criteria:

- Evaluation of the implementation times

- Assessment of the curatorial elements

- Evaluation of a Commission for activities such as workshops, conferences, publications or a qualified jury for exhibitions and / or exhibitions

- Evaluation of the feasibility from a financial viewpoint

submit a project


AGC Patronageagc

AGC Patronage is meant as permission to use the official AGC logo by any person outside and inside the association, upon request. AGC promotes contemporary jewelery in its many forms of art and study.

Patronage will be granted in writing, after evaluating the applications sent to the AGC Board. Patronage may be requested by members and non-members of the association.

Those wishing to apply should send a request to the Project Manager, enclosing all the material necessary for a proper evaluation of the event (design, photographic material where available, etc.)

After considering the request, AGC will give a written reply and when granted, will attach the official AGC logo. It should be noted that each event will be evaluated separately and patronage given for a particular event will be valid for that event only.