Segni sul Volto

Segni sul Volto

SEGNI SUL VOLTO project, organized by Le Arti Orafe of Florence and coordinated by Carla Riccoboni, designer and agc member, is in its final phase. Several of our members have participated: Annarita Bianco, Letizia Maggio, Silvia Sandini, Chiara Scarpitti.
The project results will be presented and discussed, with a dedicated exhibition and a conference, during the FLORENCE JEWELLERY WEEK.
SEGNI SUL VOLTO was an experiment in collective design, an ideal continuation of the experience of MULTIPLI SINGOLARI of a few years ago and has brought interesting results, both in methodology and in the final results, deepening the knowledge of current events.

We remember the appointments, an opportunity to meet many colleagues:

April 28 - May 1


EXHIBITION Istituto de' Bardi, via Michelozzi 2 FLORENCE

May 1, 16.30-18.00

CONFERENCE Foresteria Valdese, Via dei Serragli 49 FIRENZE