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Giancarlo Montebello


All students who have completed (for no more than two years) or are still attending a Course of Study (Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Professional Training Course, PhD programme) related to Design, Fashion and Jewellery, not older than 30 years, are eligible to participate in the Call for Entries.



GianCarlo Montebello Prize: the main characteristics of the jewellery project (one to a maximum of 3 pieces) should be indicated in the filled application form.



Photographs of the submitted works should be:
• Front (Required)
• Worn (Required)
• Overall view of the pieces (Required if submitting a collection
• Video (Required)
• Back (Optional)
• Photo format: 300dpi JPG, minimum long side size 15 cm.

High quality, neutral background photos are required so that the pieces of jewellery are clearly visible. The project may be accompanied by additional graphic or textual files useful for a better understanding of the work.

Please note that additional files to be attached to the email must be in PDF format.