TRACCE DEL FUTURO - Jewelry by Carla Riccoboni

TRACCE DEL FUTURO - Jewelry by Carla Riccoboni

Beginning tomorrow May 29th at Thereza Pedrosa Gallery in Asolo, the exhibition TRACCE DEL FUTURO by Carla Riccoboni, important designer and goldsmith researcher, pioneer of self-production in the 80s, is considered one of the "masters" of contemporary Italian jewelry. For more information about her visit her website:

Her research is based on the use of mother-of-pearl forms used in printed jewellery, a typical work of Vicenza goldsmith's history, Carla Riccoboni's work is a metaphor for life. The rediscovery of the history and traditions of the territory are deep roots that, safeguarded in the heart, allow us to look to the future with initiative and courage. History, combined with the most intimate human sensibility, opens to the discovery of new unexplored roads. In Carla Riccoboni's research, the synthesis of ancient knowledge and technical innovations, mixed with delicate passion, result in pure strength and beauty.

Visit the exhibition in the gallery:
Thereza Pedrosa Gallery, via Canova 332, Asolo (TV).

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