Covers by Tore Svensson

Covers by Tore Svensson

Tore Svensson is one of the most influential contemporary Swedish jewellery artists nowadays. In addition to his years of teaching and his academic work, he is constantly working on his carefully developed jewelry and object collections. Tore works mainly with iron and added lately porcelain, wood, and paint. His pieces are characterized by a clear geometry and perfect technical realization. Hannah's Gallery Barcelona after 13 years of intense collaboration with the artist create his first solo exhibition. 33 brooches are especially created for the gallery, interpreting artworks by Miró, Arp, Corse, Knobel, Malevich, among others, dealing in-depth with the subject of copying.

"Ever since Tore first presented us his idea for this exhibition two years ago at Hannah Gallery, we felt enthusiastic and agreed. We were very curious to see his works, already knowing that his work would certainly be good. When we held the first sketches and drawings in our hands, it exceeded our expectations and we were sure that this exhibition would even be one of the best we could possibly make. For us, as art lovers, the joy is not only the jewels themselves but also the background: The references to art and Tore’s proposal of rethinking forms of the present, and related to fine artists he admires, at the same time, being 100% Tore Svensson. 33 pieces, constructed with steel, porcelain, silver, paint and MDF, based on a selection of paradigmatic forms that carry the value and the strength of the enigmatic with them, the start of a graphic alphabet., pieces that reveal the will to reach a maximum level of expression from the maximum reduction. One of these universal objectives, which is not easy to achieve."

Tore Unplugged.
Text by Nichka Marobin on Tore Svensson’s Exhibition COVERS at Hannah Gallery Barcelona.

"When I worked with this project I only choose artists, art or designs I like myself. I did not always feel comfortable when I used another artist's work for my brooches, but I always tried to make something own out of it. It is more a tribute to this artist than making a copy of their art. My project develops more like that than giving an answer of what is allowed to do or not."

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