CALL FOR ENTRY | Dandelion – La leggerezza necessaria

CALL FOR ENTRY | Dandelion – La leggerezza necessaria

Call for entry to a Exhibition online on Facebook Pagina Dandelion - Mostra evento online.
Deadline June 30.

Curator Maria Laura La Mantia
In collaboration with Letizia Maggio and Valeria Fusco

Dandelion - The necessary lightness.
The need for lightness is the reason why I conceived this competition of ideas, during one of the endless afternoons of these last weeks, on days when I have read, listened and seen day by day what was changing forever aspects of my life that I had given for granted. The strongest feeling was linked to the perception of how this new time we were facing and the contrasting emotions were suggesting the images and the desire to communicate them. It is said that dandelion can thrive even in difficult conditions, so it is no wonder that people attribute it the ability to be able to face the challenges of life. By its nature this is a simple, light flower. Lightness is a perfect concept and it is no coincidence that Dandelion has inspired fine jewellery and design, art and poetry. Among the words that refer to its symbolic meaning I choose FREEDOM.

The project: an idea for a jewel, a competition of ideas for an object/narration.

I ask you to think of a jewel that takes shape by drawing inspiration from what your feelings are, a jewel that narrates what you have observed, felt, experienced.We have seen our personal concepts of space and freedom change so rapisly, we have added new images to the meaning of fragility and resistance to events. Shaping a jewel that is, once again, the object/narration of its time will represent your personal synthesis of this change.
Posts will be shared from May 14 to June 30. The selected works (objects, graphic projects or 3D projects) will be part of an online exhibition on a page that will be generated at the end of the selection.

How to participate:

Each participant can share only one post with image of the jewel, title, caption with a description of maximum 5 lines. No restrictions on materials, type of jewel, techniques used.


A project for a jewel.
The work can be presented in the form of a finished jewel, a drawing / illustration or a 3D project.

Images must have a good resolution quality.
Posts management and selection will be handled by the organizers.