Between Città Studi and Ortica, in Milan after the Second World War, where factories and factories were integrated into the urban fabric, stands the NEGRONI ARCHIVE, guardian of the historical and cultural heritage of the Edoardo Negroni tooling. Founded in the early '50s, it built illuminated masterpieces with burin: equipment, punches and moulds to reproduce ornamental and classic silverware details. Among the numerous drawers and folders in the factory is the rich heritage: artefacts and tools to tell the art of engraving and a history of craftsmanship in industrious Lombardy. The Archive wants to relaunch itself as a dynamic and active "tank" of information and practical references. A project is currently underway to enhance and promote this heritage of corporate culture, which will see the Negroni Archive present itself in the near future in a system accessible to the public of specialists and enthusiasts.

Archivio Negroni is born from the workshop founded by my father Edoardo Negroni. "We work in the field of metalworking and tool-making for goldsmiths and silversmiths. Based in Milan - Italy the workshop was founded in 1958. I learnt all the process working by his side and then integrated it innovating techniques for the last 25 years. Today my aim is to let people discover our workshop - the Archivio Negroni - as a dynamic reservoir of information and practical references in a cultural project which enlightens the archive and the inherited metal engraving’s know-how."
(Eliana Negroni, the Archive’s curator)

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