Florence Jewellery Week 2022

Florence Jewellery Week 2022

The Florentine week dedicated to the fascinating microcosm of contemporary jewelry will be held in spring, from April 28 to May 2, and will be characterized this year by the rich calendar of events scheduled, including exhibitions, conferences, workshops and live demonstrations, scattered in different locations of the city center and the Oltrarno, including institutional spaces and galleries.
Heart of Florentine craftsmanship, the Oltrarno also hosts the headquarters of Le Arti Orafe, a prestigious academy of goldsmithing founded in 1985 by Giò Carbone, author of this week of jewelry, the first in Italy since 2015.

The initiative was actually already born in 2005, in a different format, and known as "PREZIOSA", a biennial exhibition that in its 7 editions has given visibility to the most important protagonists of contemporary jewelry, from the "fathers" of the 70s of the last century to the present day, offering the public interpretative keys that would help to grasp the new instances of this specific growing sector.

This year the curatorship of the entire event is entrusted to the duo Giò Carbone and Alice Rendon, who together have built a complex program dedicated to telling the jewelry in its various forms and applications, contemplating artistic research, craftsmanship, new technologies and sustainability.

To read the program of the various events of FLORENCE JEWELLERY WEEK 2022 see attachment below.

Below are some fantastic jewels of important Italian and international goldsmiths, present in the exhibitions of the Florentine event:

Giovanni Corvaja - The Golden Fleece | Headpiece - 18K gold, 22K gold

Manfred Bischoff - Gesicht (Bollmann Collection) | Brooch, Coated wire

Peter Skubic - Reflections (Bollmann Collection) | brooch, Steel plate and wire, varnish

Kazumi Nagano - Untitled | brooch, Crine di cavallo, Filo d'oro (K18 YG), Lamina d'argento(950), Filo di nylon, Filo di acciaio inossidabile

Bruno Martinazzi - L’angelo della storia (Bollmann Collection) | brooch, Gold

Francesco Pavan - Untitled (Bollmann Collection) | brooch, Different gold alloys