Orizzonti d'Autore - tra visioni e materia

Orizzonti d'Autore - tra visioni e materia

From May 7 to July 24, 2022 at the Museo Civico di Asolo (TV) will be held "Orizzonti d'Autore", a biennial dedicated to the author's jewel, which since this first edition aims to create an international network and an enriching cultural exchange between participating artists, fans and experts in the field. The aim of the event, conceived by the curator Thereza Pedrosa and realized thanks to the active collaboration of the Pro Loco of Asolo, the Assessorato alla Cultura, the Museo Civico of Asolo and the precious support of Archeometra, is to explore the boundaries of creativity, encourage international dialogue and inspire visitors. Among the scheduled events there will be a group exhibition, a retrospective dedicated to Giampaolo Babetto who will be awarded a lifetime achievement award, various conferences and appointments. This first edition foresees the participation of 24 artists from 5 continents, many of whom will be present at the opening on May 7, 2022.

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7/5-24/7/2022 Museo Civico di Asolo: Orizzonti d'Autore - collective exhibition

7/5-24/7/2022 Sala della Ragione, Asolo: Giampaolo Babetto - retrospective exhibition

7/5/2022 Sala Consiliare Comune di Asolo, 3pm: Giampaolo Babetto - Lifetime Achievement Award

7/5/2022 Civic Museum and Sala della Ragione, 4,30 p.m.: inauguration

14/5/2022 Museo Civico di Asolo, at 18,30: Orizzonti d'Autore - guided tour with Eliana Negroni

21/5/2022 Council Hall of the City of Asolo, 15:00: Giampaolo Babetto - monograph presentation

18/6/2022 Council Hall of Asolo, 03pm: Giovanni Corvaja - conference

18/6/2022 Museo Civico di Asolo, at 16,30: Orizzonti d'Autore - guided tour with Thereza Pedrosa

For further information, see the press release attached (see below).

Some works exhibited at "Orizzonti d'Autore" :

Ezra Satok-Wolman, "The Mathematical Fingerprint of God", brooch, 2012, 791 yellow gold, 750 white gold, japanese silk

Barbara Paganin, "Containers", necklace, 2015, silver, porcelain, bone, ivory, polymethacrylate, wood, gold

Chinh-Chih Wu, "Blue Square", brooch, 2016, copper, bronze, enamel, gold-plated

Annamaria Zanella, "Mediterranea", necklace, 2017, ebony, horse hair, lapis powder, gold, resin, indigo

Gigi Mariani, "Parallel worlds", ring, 2014, silver, gold, niello, patina

Giovanni Corvaja, "Mandala", brooch, 2018, gold

Corrado De Meo, "Black II", brooch, 2021, silver, papier mâché, acrylic paint, pvc, steel