Corrado De Meo

Corrado De Meo

ELEMENTO MUTEVOLE IN TEMPO is the title of the contemporary jewelry exhibition by Corrado De Meo at the Temporary Exhibition Hall of the Museum of Natural History and the Mediterranean in Livorno.

Corrado De Meo's works, of which there are more than fifty, span different eras and recount phases of his research that over the past 20 years, have accompanied his "wanderings" and allowed him to measure himself with materials and techniques that have helped him renew himself and tell the story of his professional journey; a journey that began more than 40 years ago. When he began this adventure, he did not even know where it would take him, he only knew that he wanted to set out to discover a world of forms whose only reason for existence is to tell and give birth to emotions. Over these years, after much searching, he realized that his purpose was not to reach a goal, but to continue the "journey," a journey in the company of "matter," of this "mystery" with which, over these years, he has interacted by letting himself suggest new ways or discover new ones himself.

brooch by Corrado De Meo