Purifying The Soul – The Soul is Responding

Purifying The Soul – The Soul is Responding

The third edition of VONMO STUDIO 2022, the contemporary jewelry exhibition project "Purifying The Soul" curated by Felicia Li, has attracted public attention since its launch on October 4, 2021. 220 artists from 38 countries submitted their "soul objects" by June 10, 2022. After the selection made in a professional and impartial way by the six artists of our international jury - Catarina Silva (Portugal), Hongxia Wang (Denmark), Kim Buick (Denmark), Maria Rosa Franzin (Italy), Wang Kezhen (China) and Zhao Yi (China) - 63 works were chosen for the Qinghai exhibition.

From December 31, 2022 to January 2, 2023, the VONMO Studio team performed performance art and photography on the frozen Qinghai Lake. On the frozen Qinghai Lake after the snowfall, an area of 50 x 4 meters was cleared where curators carried 66 artists' "soul objects" (including selected and jury works) on their bodies, displaying them to the sky and earth with great respect and allowing the artists' voices to echo above Qinghai Lake.

After the difficulties humanity has gone through, we have once again reached a turning point. Now we are back in town in Beijing, offering an offline exhibition, exhibiting even more jewelry works (112 creations by 112 artists from around the world), providing visitors with the opportunity to have a close-up view and understanding of the uniqueness of each work: each artist's perspectives on the soul and the world, their values and beliefs, along with their exquisite techniques of work. This time we will not just superficially discuss what contemporary jewelry is, the boundaries between jewelry and the body, or technical aspects, but we hope that our performance will make people able to understand, beyond life and death, that souls can reach a higher level of "intense love," and these souls are responding now.

Following are the jewelry pieces by AGC authors selected for the project and for this exhibition, which will be held at the halls of LANNG SPACE in Beijing from Feb. 22 to 26:



Maura Biamonti

Maria Rosa Franzin

Stefano Fronza

Ariel Lavian

Letizia Maggio

Sogand Nobahar



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