'Satellite' by Stephen Bottomley

'Satellite' by Stephen Bottomley

‘Satellite’ is a solo show of contemporary art jewellery by Stephen Bottomley accompanying the ‘Moon Impact’ exhibition at the Museum Reich der Kristalle, Mineralogischen Staatssammlung of Munich, Germany.

As the ‘Moon Impact’ exhibition explores the history of the universe through the lenses of geology and mineralogy, my work in ‘Satellite” aims to respond to the diversification of materials in the 20th and 21st Centuries, inspired by Space age technologies and innovations, while reflecting on the impact of the synthetic materials on the new Anthropocene.

Works are made from a range of manmade materials:
Egyptian faience: a low-fire mixture of ceramic materials containing clay, sand, colorants, frits, and soluble salts traces
Copper Metal Foam: developed for use by NASA in their rocket engines and heat exchangers, enamelled
Diamond dust: a by-product of industrial tool making
Sintered alloys: materials made from the 3D powder metallurgy process known as sintering. Including Aluminium alloys

Space_brooch | Stephen Bottomley

Heat Exchanger side | Stephen Bottomley