A solo exhibition of jewellery by Professor Stephen Bottomley, Head of the Design School, Glasgow School of Art.

The exhibition is part of the Munich International Jewellery Week and accompanies the International touring exhibition 'Moon Impact' at Munich’s Mineralogy Museum.

As this exhibition explores the history of the universe through the lenses of geology and mineralogy, Bottomley's accompanying ‘Satellite” exhibition responds to the Crafts challenges of the synthetic materials of the Anthropocene era, when applied to tradition techniques for which they were neither invented nor intended.

Bottomley’s work is in the National Museums of Scotland, the British Museum and the Cominelli Foundation Collection, Italy. His work combines the ancient techniques of jewellery making with evolving and contemporary materials and technologies.

His work references the rhythm and patterns found in oriental motifs and mathematical geometry through layers of embossed repetitive patterns and textures and is made from vitreous enamel combined with other industrial and space age materials.

Bottomley has curated exhibitions and inter-disciplinary projects in Chicago, Lake Garda, Beijing, Shanghai and Munich. A past chairman of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery (2005-07) he is a member of the Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo and a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths.


Few Stephen Bottomley works here below: