Milano Fashion & Jewels and Poli.Design wish to confirm their prestigious collaboration during the established event dedicated to fashion accessories, clothing and jewellery set for 18-21 February at Fiera Milano (Rho).

The two areas, Visionaires (exhibition space) and Design Direction (multimedia space), born from the collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, will host creativity and visions of the future from the many professionals involved, amongst whom some AGC members:

Maura Biamonti

Elisabetta Carozzi

Adriana Del Duca

Stefano Fronza - Ph.Nadia Baldo

FPM di Picciali Marco

Francesca Mo - Ph. Fabrizio Stipari

Nobahar Design

EG Eleonora Ghilardi Jewels


Alba Cappellieri, Professor of Jewellery and Fashion Accessory Design at the School of Design, Department of Design at Milan Polytechnic, states:
“Fashion jewellery more and more embodies innovation and creativity values, and trends illustrate compelling scenarios both aesthetically and from a consumer point of view. During Milano Fashion & Jewels we will present the fashion jewellery of the future, one capable of being a vehicle for both the excellence of traditional manufacturing and fashion’s new creative directions. The future for jewellery and fashion accessories offers an insight into innovation and creativity for the next two years.”

Visionaires, dedicated to a vision of the future and its players, presents over 80 works by international designers with jewellery offerings by those #visionaries who have been able to interpret the seasonal essentials and trending colours of the two macro trends – “Just for Fun” and “Make Ordinary Extraordinary” – presented during the last edition of the event. Revolutionary techniques, new styles and modernised craftsmanship will allow a deep insight into must-haves 2.0.

Design Direction is the multimedia space in which to discover 2026 fashion trends within jewellery and fashion accessories, and in which to observe creative new horizons in fashion jewellery and accessories for the next two years, based on macro-trends pinpointed by Poli.Design, such as the ultra-recent “Mix-up” and “Senses”.

Mix-up evokes the irresistible desire to explore landscapes, places and objects of alluring ambiguity, through the use of sustainable materials, in the reproduction of objects with unusual characteristics, and with the use of AI to create deceptively realistic content. The spirit of trends challenges conventions and tears down barriers to transcend boundaries, fusing seemingly different worlds to uncover new experiences.

Senses explores the deeper meanings of feeling as human perception through physicality and the mind, celebrating the physical body and accepting the inevitability of mistakes. A trend that has interested the young public, who prefer simple, authentic choices and occasionally more eccentric experimental options, but which always enhance the material, craftsmanship and the rediscovery of traditions with particular attention to the theme of body positivity and self-acceptance.

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