Beginning tomorrow May 29th at Thereza Pedrosa Gallery in Asolo, the exhibition TRACCE DEL FUTURO by Carla Riccoboni, important designer and goldsmith researcher, pioneer of self-production in the 80s, is considered one of the "masters" of contemporary Italian jewelry. For more information about her visit her website:

Her research is based on the use of mother-of-pearl forms used in printed jewellery, a typical work of Vicenza goldsmith's history, Carla Riccoboni's work is a metaphor for life. The rediscovery of the history and traditions of the territory are deep roots that, safeguarded in the heart, allow us to look to the future with initiative and courage. History, combined with the most intimate human sensibility, opens to the discovery of new unexplored roads. In Carla Riccoboni's research, the synthesis of ancient knowledge and technical innovations, mixed with delicate passion, result in pure strength and beauty.

Visit the exhibition in the gallery:
Thereza Pedrosa Gallery, via Canova 332, Asolo (TV).

Visit the online exhibition:


Monday, 27 April 2020 13:17

OPEN CALL - Jewelry VDW Selection 2020

The competition is promoted by Venice Design Week, Contemporary Jewelry Association Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo (AGC), Ca’ Pisani Design Hotel.
Media Partner:, Vicenza Jewellery.
Galleries and fair partners: OONA gallery, OHMYBLUE, Bini Gallery Australia, AUTOR International Fair for Contemporary Jewelry

Deadline May 26th 2020


For more information Click Here

The competition is promoted by Arte e Design Venezia in collaboration with Italian Archeological Museums.
It is open to any designers from all over the world who choose an inspirational object of an Italian museum.

Media Partner and organizational secretary: Venice Design Week

The competition is open to anyone engaged in designing or working with precious metals, gemstones and such, but also recycled or poor materials are welcome. The award focuses on a contemporary design inspired by ancient design. It is an ideal platform to increase awareness of your brand and to get recognition in Italy.

The objects have to be inspired by archeological findings, the designers are invited to choose a piece from an Italian museums to which the final work(design) can be related. . The designer is free to interpret the ancient to create something contemporary. Here is a list of some examples: object for the house, object for the table, everyday objects,personal accessories including jewelry.

Deadline is: 20th May 2020

For more information Click Here


The unprecedented situation in which we have been living for several weeks because of C-19 pandemia and which makes it impossible for us to plan an international exhibition in the short term, has prompted us to reformulate the characteristics of the project. The call has been re-opened in order to make a double edition in Spring 2021 possible. To give emphasis to this anomalous period, we decided to record this transition between what “was” until the explosion of the pandemic, the dangers of contagion, the paralysis of all activities and confinement – called the PRE – and what gives that moment onwards involved rethinking our lives, our reactions, our roles – called the POST.

The concept of the works can just reflect a creative ‘motus’ that registers, undergoes, reacts to changes – from a conceptual point of view, from a practical point of view, from an existential point of view. Hence our proposal to connect to the theme of a POST Covid-19 creative evolution. And the real challenge, which, at your choice, you will be free to grasp, will be to compare what has already been achieved – for example the work selected in a past edition – with your creative inspiration for the future.

Open Call for established and emerging artists and designers, to present a theme work of experimental jewellery, still unreleased
unreleased – unprecedented work – the award will be contingent upon the distinguished factor of the work to be new, never seen or published before
evaluation elements: balanced combination of concept, form, individual character, harmony with the body, structure, freshness in use or accuracy of making techniques
admitted works: body ornaments
necklace, pendant, brooch, ring, earrings, other wearable ornament
(clothing excluded)
2-step selection: first step | pictures second step | real view of the work

[Online registration HERE ♦ until January 31 .2021]

From May 10, 2020 the exhibition of Gioielli in Fermento 2020 is online at this link:

Below here you find the names of the authors who takes part at the exhibition:

Verde Alfieri, Sara Barbanti, Maura Biamonti, Maria Blondet
Chiara Bordoni, Cristina Celis, Dania Chelminsky, Roberta Consalvo Sances,
Corrado De Meo, Ylenia Deriu. Birgit Duval, Gozde Erdogan, Micol Ferrara,
Sabrina Formica, Laura Forte, Stefano Fronza, Francesca Gabrielli,
Fabiana Gadano, Eleonora Ghilardi, Hoon a Goh, Nataša Grandovec, Margit Hart,
Marta Herradura, Gabriele Hinze, Yi-Hsun Hsieh, Satomi Ito, Ildikó Juhász,
Yukiko Kakimoto, Yasuko Kanno, Ritva Kara, Iro Kaskani Ji Young Kim
Joshua Kosker. Monique Lecouna, Namkyung Lee, Ria Lins, Carmen López,
Mineri Matsuura, Boglárka Mázsi, Francesca Mo, Julia Muenzing, Sogand Nobahar,
Mariagiorgia Pacini, Charlotte Parent, Liana Pattihis, Mabel Pena,
Anna Retico, Chiara Scarpitti, Sara Shahak, Yukie Shirakawa,
Rita Soto Ventura, Claudia Steiner, Rho Tang, Barbara Uderzo,
Eriko Unno, Christina Vandekelder, Yasmin Vinograd, Cristian Visentin,
Yiota Vogli, Babette Von Dohnanyi, Laura Zecchini, Caterina Zucchi


Gioielli in Fermento was born 10 years ago, transforming over time the original theme of its Mediterranean background and atmospheres, but still keeping the ethical and geographic link. The collection chosen by the jury for 2020 appears in a globally suspended time. The pandemic that broke out in the first months of the year indelibly marks a dividing line in the activity of each one of us.


The 2020 theme “evolution & refinement” requires reflection and suggests a new level of research. To emphasize this time of transition, we decided to record the path between what “was” until the explosion of the pandemic, the dangers of contagion, the paralysis of all activities and the confinement – called the PRE – and what implied rethinking our lives, our reactions, our roles, from then on – called the POST –

More information about the competition here


Jury members 2020

Alba Cappellieri, Milano (Italy), professor of Jewelry Design and Accessory at the Milan Polytechnic and director of the Museo del Gioiello of Vicenza

Renzo Pasquale, Padova (Italy) artist and teacher at the goldsmith department of P.Selvatico Art school in Padua

Olga Zobel, Monaco di Baviera (Germany) founder and director of Galerie Birò in Munich


More Information:

Eliana Negroni
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. 39 335 8083039


From Monday, April 20, Munich's Biró Gallery has been allowed to reopen its exhibition space.

We believe the Corona crisis provides us all with great challenges that inspire our creativity - art can help us on many levels to think new things and so we are looking forward to exciting encounters in our gallery. Jewellery is sensual and full of emotions, we all need that in this time of deprivation. We will be happy to advise you personally in the gallery, by phone or email. We'd like to arrange appointments to comply with the applicable precautionary measures. We can also arrange a private exhibition for you without obligation, should you be interested in any selected artists.

The new exhibition is called: "Vessels - which tell of contents - by Peter Bauhuis, Rudolf Bott, Karl Fritsch and Gerd Rothmann"

For the very first time Galerie Biró shows exclusively vessels. You are cordially invited to join us for our open weekend. Please make an appointment before, we will arrange time slots to be able to comply with the necessary hygiene measures.

Open weekend
Friday 15, Saturday 16, Sunday 17 May 2020,
between 11am and 5pm

For more information please visit the Gallery website


Wednesday, 15 April 2020 15:03

OPEN CALL - Chinese Mythology

We had multiple debates before determining the “Chinese Mythology” theme. Nezha, a film released not long ago, was a huge hit. Aside from some flaws, the film has touched people’s hearts. I suddenly realized that Chinese mythology had not disappeared and my previous understanding of mythology was since changed. (I used to think that Chinese mythology was just ancient mythology.) In this regard, I cannot agree more with Mr. Ke Yuan’s viewpoint of “generalized mythology” (1).

The reason why Greek mythology enjoys permanent charm lies in that it has been made rich and beautiful by the processing and polishing of generations of great European literati and artists. Similarly, Chinese mythology, which was wild and pristine in the primitive society, has been handed down and gone through constant changes with the changes of social nature. For instance, that Pan Gu took the place of Nuwa reflected matriarchy giving way to patriarchy in the primitive society. There was even a plot of Gun, a gigantic male fish, giving birth to Yu (2) in the ancient Chinese mythology created back then. Another example is that, since the state system was established when the first dynasty was set up, the expression emperors of heaven was changed into the only emperor of heaven. The medical system which flourished in the Warring States Period was embodied by Panmao (3), a bird with a human’s face in the mountain classic part of The Classic of Mountains and Seas, Danmu (4), wood which cured tuberculosis, and other similar mythological fantasies. Chinese mythology always changes with the times endows it with the greatest and most unique charm.

However, Chinese mythology seems to have hit a bottleneck in modern times. In my humble opinion, one reason is that it is ignored by the rapid development of economy and technology, and another is that mere retelling of the gods’ and monsters’ images in ancient books or the stories themselves is just a formality which can hardly impress people. Nevertheless, contemporary Chinese mythology still exists. In recent years, there have been numerous literary works inspired by The Classic of Mountains and Seas, while artistic works are relatively inferior in quantity. Here I need to mention a contemporary artist Mr Jian’an Wu whose point of view is that the current scientific and technological development originates from ancient mythology and people are developing science and technology in order to return to the place where they came from. I agree with him to some extent. What impresses me most about his works is that he injects new content and spirit to the original Chinese mythology. For example, his work Black Carp interprets a story behind a religious murder from the perspective of modern people, making the mythological system of The Tale of the White Serpent richer and more three-dimensional. Therefore, reflecting on our field, I believe that if we present Chinese mythology with the contemporary jewelry language, and dominate the development of Chinese mythology with our spirit and will, the new mythology created will definitely affect the next civilization.

Maybe Chinese mythology will come to an end and disappear in the future when people do not need it, but at least we still need it today. Although unlike the ancients, we do not worship personified objects more than we worship humans, we still need to treat everything in the world with reverence. The relationship between man and the universe, man and nature, and men themselves are all included in mythology. Jewelry itself is a rather direct expression of the relationship between object and human, which is not only an aesthetic appreciation of art. Therefore, we launch the contemporary jewelry exhibition with the Chinese Mythology theme, hoping to see people combine Chinese mythology with jewelry to express their explorations on space science, philosophical speculation, religion, natural environment, local folk customs, personal ideal, view of love, or Chinese kinship concept, etc.

In view of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in China, the Chinese Mythology exhibition originally scheduled to open on June 15 will be postponed to ensure the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors. The extensions are as follows:
Deadline for Submission: Extended from April 30, 2020 to June 20, 2020
Publication Date: Extended from May 20, 2020 to July 10, 2020
Opening Date: Extended from June 15, 2020 to August 8, 2020

Requirement and schedule:
• Each exhibitor shall design and make jewelry works according to the theme. The quantity is not limited but the size shall be within 50 × 50 × 50 cm. In case of special circumstances, the exhibitors shall contact the organizer in advance. The works shall be original and will be disqualified for entry and exhibition once found to be plagiarisms.
• Image materials, design description and personal profile shall be submitted before April 30, 2020 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for selection by the organizing committee.
• Application and exhibition are free of charge.
• From April 30, 2020, the judging panel will judge all submitted works according to their photos. The results will be published on Vonmo’s official account on May 20, 2020, and the organizing committee will contact the selected artists in time.
• The selected artists shall bear the mailing cost. If the works are sold, 100% of the amount will be given to the exhibitors.
• On June 15, 2020, the Chinese mythology-themed contemporary jewelry exhibition will be open. The organizing committee reserves the following rights: to display the specially invited and selected works freely, to photograph the exhibited works and use the photos in public freely, to use designers’ personal information in public freely, and to publish the public works and work collections for exhibition at home and abroad.
• After the exhibition, the organizer will properly mail back the works exhibited, as well as exhibition certificates and exhibition works collections.
• The above schedule is for reference only. The actual schedule will be based on the actual progress of the project. Exhibitors will be notified in case of any change in the schedule involving them. The organizer reserves the right to interpret relevant matters.

Hongxia Wang, jewellery artist.
Kim Buck, jewellery design master, creative director of Secret Gallery in Copenhagen.
Maria Rosa Franzin, jewellery artist, chairman of the Italian Contemporary Jewelry Association.
Yi Zhao, jewellery artist.

* The following books related to the theme are provided for your reference:
Myth and Poetry by Yiduo Wen.
Chinese Mythology by Mingzi Qian.
Study of Chinese Mythology ABC by Maodun.
Ancient Chinese Travel and Study by Shaoyuan Jiang.
Further on Generalized Mythology by Ke Yuan.
The Water God of China by Zhigang Huang.
A Research of Ancient Chinese Religion and Mythology by Shan Ding.
Chinese Mythology & Thirty-Six Stratagems (Ancient Chinese Wisdom) by Ciyun Zhang.
1. Further on Generalized Mythology by Mr Ke Yuan.
2. Mythology about Yu preventing floods by water control in The waters of the deluge swelled up to heaven. Gun, a gigantic male fish, stole the soil of the Supreme God to dam up the waters of the deluge without awaiting the command from the Supreme God. He ordered Zhurong to execute Gun near the Feather Mountain. At the same time, Gun gave birth to Yu. This story about male giving birth is a trace of the custom of men in the patriarchal clan society dressing up as women and pretending to give birth.
3. Mythology from: There is a bird dwelling on the North Raucous Mountain whose form resembles a crow with a human’s face. It is called Panmao. It flies at night and sleeps during the day. Eating it will cure Jie. Pu Guo made a note about Jie, pointing out that it means heatstroke and is pronounced Jie.
4. The Chinese character dan refers to tuberculosis.


Sunday, 29 March 2020 08:44

INVITO a fare un breve Video-messaggio

Tutti i Soci sono invitati a partecipare con un breve video messaggio!!!!

Il Museo del Bijou di Casalmaggiore richiede a tutti di inviare un video-messaggio di auguri al Museo, a Casalmaggiore, alla Lombardia, all'Italia intera, per sostenere la Cultura e la Bellezza in questo difficile momento, per regalare a tutti un pensiero di speranza.

Il vostro video verrà postato sulle pagine social e sul sito del Museo del Bijou di Casalmaggiore.

Aspettiamo i vostri contributi a:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



vai a:

In occasione della Settimana dell'Oreficeria di Firenze 2020, è in programma la mostra che sarà ospitata nell'ex refettorio all'interno del complesso museale di Santa Maria Novella dal 28 maggio al 4 giugno. Sono stati selezionati quasi 30 pezzi, degli oltre mille pezzi realizzati dai più influenti maestri che hanno segnato la storia della "Nuova Oreficeria" dagli anni '50 ad oggi. Saranno esposti per la prima volta gioielli di grandi nomi della scena internazionale, come Manfred Bischoff, Peter Chang, Yasuki Hiramatsu, Fritz Maierhofer, Bruno Martinazzi, Francesco Pavan, Ruudt Peters, Gerd Rothmann, Peter Skubic

Il motivo che ha dato il via a questa incredibile collezione è stata la ricerca di un regalo di Karl Bollmann alla moglie, in occasione dell'arrivo del secondo figlio. Karl cercava un gioiello, unico non solo nella sua lavorazione, ma soprattutto originale nella sua ideazione. Felicemente sorpreso dal genio di Peter Skubic e in occasione di una mostra collettiva nel 1972 al MAK Museum of Applied Arts di Vienna, il signor Bollmann decise di commissionargli il regalo speciale. Karl gli fornì le pietre, i diamanti che aveva ereditato, che avrebbero dovuto dare lustro al gioiello... Ma l'artista invece agì in totale libertà e creò un anello cinetico in acciaio! Si potrebbe dire che proprio la libertà di Skubic ha posto le basi di questa enorme collezione di opere d'arte indossabili. La libertà di espressione e la sperimentazione artistica potrebbero quindi essere considerate come i requisiti fondamentali di questi gioielli, scelti dalla coppia Bollmann proprio perché incarnano lo spirito del loro tempo.

Peter Skubic, Anello TENSION, 2005, acciaio inossidabile, vetro acrilico, 24x55x45 mm. Collezione Karl & Heidi Bollmann

Peter Chang, Gemelli, 2015, plastica, 45x35x2 mm. Collezione Karl & Heidi Bollmann

Manfred Bischoff, Spilla FACE, filo laccato, 125×65 mm. Collezione Karl & Heidi Bollmann

Yasuki Hiramatsu, Spilla, oro, 50×13 mm. Collezione Karl & Heidi Bollmann

Francesco Pavan, Spilla, diverse leghe d'oro, 65x65x10 mm. Collezione Karl & Heidi Bollmann



Monday, 09 March 2020 10:14

L'Universo dell'Arte dei Gioielli

Alla Galerie Slavik fino al 15 marzo la mostra L'UNIVERSO DELL'ARTE DEI GIOIELLI, in cui si potranno ammirare le opere di grandi autori da Joaquim Capdevila, a Michael Becker a Bruno Martinazzi e molti altri.

"Le opere scultoree di artisti conosciuti e meno conosciuti ti aspettano nel nostro universo di gioielli all'inizio del nuovo anno. La ricchezza di idee che si manifesta in un'ampia varietà di lavori di oreficeria affascina ancora e ancora. Che sia incantevole in modo giocoso come la collana intrecciata di Kazumi Nagano, la spilla narrativa di Joaquim Capdevila o rigorosamente geometrica come la collana in bronzo di Isolde Baumhackl - OGNI UNICO GIOIELLO È UN UNIVERSO NEL SUO PROPRIO! Senza gioielli, la vita è bella solo per metà, guarda tu stesso, perché i gioielli si connettono oltre i confini!" (di Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch proprietarie della Galleria).

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