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The Blue Room

For the 2024 SCHMUCK edition, The Blue Room hosts a site-specific contemporary jewelry project curated by Nichka Marobin and entitled “A TALE OF MULTIPLE WORLDS | Synthesis and possibilities on colours and preciousness”.

Colours (and specifically the seven following shades: WHITE – RED - BLACK – BLUE- YELLOW- GREEN- VIOLET) have been part of humankind since the beginning. As jewellery, they convey any sort of message; as jewellery, colours are related to the body, to power, religion, art, love, life, and death. As jewellery, colours are connected to social history, anthropology, science, religion, politics, art. As jewellery, they are connected to the significance we give to artifacts. As jewellery, colours are both metaphors and messages. As art, jewels, and colours are full of stories and leit-motiv: they are stories, memories, and journeys.

The exhibition would on display from February 28th to March 3th.

List of artists on display:


Sara Barbanti (ITA)

brooch 2024
wild flowers, cotton thread, silver, steel
diameter 7 cm x 2 cm
Photo by Paolo Terzi


Gigi Mariani (ITA)

White pages

Photo by Paolo Terzi


Itto Mishima (Giappone)


Room "red"
brooch, pendant - silver950, stainless steel, ceramic coated
62×40×12 mm
Photo by Itto Mishima


Fumiki Taguchi (Giappone)

“Capturing the inside ”
Color: Blue
2024 / Brooch
Material:Silver, acrylic, dyes
Size: 75x75 x12mm  Weight: 57g
Photo by Fumiki Taguchi



Yoko Takirai e Pietro Pellitteri (ITA GIAPPONE)


Komorebi (木漏れ日) Sunlight filtering through the foliage
Brooch 2024
Sterling silver, pigment, lacquer, stainless steel
70 x 70 x 10mm
Photo by Yoko Takirai & Pietro Pellitteri


Dr. Nichka Marobin



Thursday, 15 February 2024 04:11


Milano Fashion & Jewels and Poli.Design wish to confirm their prestigious collaboration during the established event dedicated to fashion accessories, clothing and jewellery set for 18-21 February at Fiera Milano (Rho).

The two areas, Visionaires (exhibition space) and Design Direction (multimedia space), born from the collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, will host creativity and visions of the future from the many professionals involved, amongst whom some AGC members:

Maura Biamonti

Elisabetta Carozzi

Adriana Del Duca

Stefano Fronza - Ph.Nadia Baldo

FPM di Picciali Marco

Francesca Mo - Ph. Fabrizio Stipari

Nobahar Design

EG Eleonora Ghilardi Jewels


Alba Cappellieri, Professor of Jewellery and Fashion Accessory Design at the School of Design, Department of Design at Milan Polytechnic, states:
“Fashion jewellery more and more embodies innovation and creativity values, and trends illustrate compelling scenarios both aesthetically and from a consumer point of view. During Milano Fashion & Jewels we will present the fashion jewellery of the future, one capable of being a vehicle for both the excellence of traditional manufacturing and fashion’s new creative directions. The future for jewellery and fashion accessories offers an insight into innovation and creativity for the next two years.”

Visionaires, dedicated to a vision of the future and its players, presents over 80 works by international designers with jewellery offerings by those #visionaries who have been able to interpret the seasonal essentials and trending colours of the two macro trends – “Just for Fun” and “Make Ordinary Extraordinary” – presented during the last edition of the event. Revolutionary techniques, new styles and modernised craftsmanship will allow a deep insight into must-haves 2.0.

Design Direction is the multimedia space in which to discover 2026 fashion trends within jewellery and fashion accessories, and in which to observe creative new horizons in fashion jewellery and accessories for the next two years, based on macro-trends pinpointed by Poli.Design, such as the ultra-recent “Mix-up” and “Senses”.

Mix-up evokes the irresistible desire to explore landscapes, places and objects of alluring ambiguity, through the use of sustainable materials, in the reproduction of objects with unusual characteristics, and with the use of AI to create deceptively realistic content. The spirit of trends challenges conventions and tears down barriers to transcend boundaries, fusing seemingly different worlds to uncover new experiences.

Senses explores the deeper meanings of feeling as human perception through physicality and the mind, celebrating the physical body and accepting the inevitability of mistakes. A trend that has interested the young public, who prefer simple, authentic choices and occasionally more eccentric experimental options, but which always enhance the material, craftsmanship and the rediscovery of traditions with particular attention to the theme of body positivity and self-acceptance.

images by



Friday, 26 January 2024 07:34

Percorsi | Maria Rosa Franzin

Nella bellissima cornice di Asolo come città e della Thereza Pedrosa Gallery, la Galleria ospita un' emozionante esposizione di gioielli contemporanei dell'artista Maria Rosa Franzin.

La mostra presenta un'affascinante collezione di opere nel trentacinquesimo anniversario della prima mostra personale di Maria Rosa Franzin, tenutasi a Caracas nel 1989. L’esposizione, a giusto titolo "Percorsi", è un omaggio agli straordinari percorsi che hanno plasmato la sua vita e la sua espressione artistica.

A corredo della mostra la Thereza Pedrosa Gallery con il Patrocinio del Comune di Asolo, ha curato un catalogo molto personalizzato ed attento. 

L'inaugurazione è prevista per sabato 27 gennaio, dalle 17.00 alle 20.00, in presenza dell’artista.

La mostra proseguirà fino al 25 febbraio 2024.

Se siete lontani, ma volete comunque vedere la mostra, non esitate ad inviare un'e-mail a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e la Galleria provvederà a inviare una presentazione digitale della mostra.


A seguire alcune delle opere di Maria Rosa Franzin in mostra:


Maria Rosa Franzin, Collectors, necklace, 2023, Silver, gold, methacrylate, photo by Silvano Longo

Maria Rosa Franzin, Dates, necklace, 2023, Silver, steel, photo by Luciano Tomasin on aluminium, garnet, photo of the piece by Silvano Longo

Maria Rosa Franzin, Divine, necklace, 2023, Silver, gold, methacrylate, photo by Silvano Longo

Maria Rosa Franzin, Mamy, brooch, 2023, Silver, gold, methacrylate, brown diamonds, photo by Silvano Longo

Maria Rosa Franzin, Matisse, necklace, 2023, Silver, gold, methacrylate, photo by Silvano Longo

Maria Rosa Franzin, Mr. Barry in pink, brooch, 2023, Silver oxidized, gold, methacrylate, photo by Silvano Longo

Maria Rosa Franzin, Mrs. Rita, brooch, 2023, Silver, gold, methacrylate, red coral, photo by Silvano Longo

Maria Rosa Franzin, The swimming pool, necklace, 2023, Silver, gold, methacrylate, photo by Silvano Longo

Tuesday, 23 January 2024 14:44


A solo exhibition of jewellery by Professor Stephen Bottomley, Head of the Design School, Glasgow School of Art.

The exhibition is part of the Munich International Jewellery Week and accompanies the International touring exhibition 'Moon Impact' at Munich’s Mineralogy Museum.

As this exhibition explores the history of the universe through the lenses of geology and mineralogy, Bottomley's accompanying ‘Satellite” exhibition responds to the Crafts challenges of the synthetic materials of the Anthropocene era, when applied to tradition techniques for which they were neither invented nor intended.

Bottomley’s work is in the National Museums of Scotland, the British Museum and the Cominelli Foundation Collection, Italy. His work combines the ancient techniques of jewellery making with evolving and contemporary materials and technologies.

His work references the rhythm and patterns found in oriental motifs and mathematical geometry through layers of embossed repetitive patterns and textures and is made from vitreous enamel combined with other industrial and space age materials.

Bottomley has curated exhibitions and inter-disciplinary projects in Chicago, Lake Garda, Beijing, Shanghai and Munich. A past chairman of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery (2005-07) he is a member of the Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo and a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths.


Few Stephen Bottomley works here below:


Friday, 08 December 2023 06:20

Alessia Prati



My diverse journey, from a degree in fashion design at Milan's Polytechnic to completing my Master's at Alchimia in Florence, including an art-residency in Hong Kong, forms the foundation of my artistic exploration. Today, it is rooted in my hometown Piacenza, where I've established my studio and atelier: Breccia. In the world of contemporary jewelry, I create pieces that distance themselves from tradition, emphasizing performative and transformative qualities. Each unique piece invites interaction, presenting itself almost as a living entity.

I revel in engaging with materials, studying how to transform them in various ways. I let my body and hands roam in an almost unconscious process of assembly, using color and connections. With reverence and an almost meditative process, I create tiny elements, assembling them with further repetitive and obsessive techniques. The result is a "unicum" composed of hundreds of small individual selves that still can move, sound, and communicate with the body through the senses.

In my work, I aim to address authentic selfhood in contrast to today's society. This aspiration to engage with social themes stems from my commitment to activism, volunteering at a center with a focus on LGBTQI support and inclusivity. Additionally, I delve into drag, where performance and activism intertwine. This dual artistic identity, expressed through tangible works and embodied in drag performances, creates a unique blend that resonates in my expression as an artist and individual.




Brooch | copper, patina, recycled white gold
Brooch | copper, patina, recycled yellow gold
Un Passo
Brooch | copper, patina, recycled white gold
Object | copper, patina, enamel
Object | copper, patina, enamel
Brooch | balsa wood, copper, patina, steel, rust
Brooch | balsa wood, copper, enamel, steel, patina
Pride II
Chocker | copper, electroformed copper, recycled gold
Necklace | copper, enamel, patina, iron
Necklace | shibuichi, copper, enamel, iron, silk threads






Pubblicazioni / Publication




Saturday, 25 November 2023 13:35

Michael Berger




Kinetics runs like a thread through my work. In addition to a precision mechanical implementation, the sculptural aspect of the works is very important to me. In the working process, both classical craft techniques and the most modern manufacturing methods are used, which make many of my forms possible in the first place.
Inspired by the fascinating materiality of dichroic glass, I have recently created a series of brooches and wall objects. In these, the allure of movement is enhanced by the amazing color change in the play between reflection and transparency.





Kinetic brooch, KAS FP-01s
Stainless steel, 18ct. gold, dichroic glass, micro ball bearings
Kinetic brooch, KAS FP-02
Stainless steel, 18ct. gold, dichroic glass, micro ball bearings
Kinetic brooch, KAS FP-03
Stainless steel, 18ct. gold, dichroic glass, micro ball bearings
Kinetic brooch, KAS FP-05
Stainless steel, 18ct. gold, dichroic glass, micro ball bearings
Kinetic objects, KWO FP-01-04
Stainless steel, brass, dichroic glass, micro ball bearings, wood
Saturday, 25 November 2023 12:35

Matteo Trovò



Matteo Trovò inizia il suo percorso di studio di oreficeria presso il Liceo Artistico Pietro Selvatico di Padova. Subito dopo gli studi di oreficeria entra in contatto con il mondo dell’occhialeria e dell’ottica. Questa nuova esperienza poterà Matteo a elaborare nuovi pensieri e a fondere entrambi questi mondi assieme. Dopo aver intrapreso la scuola di formazione ed essersi diplomato ottico, darà vita ad un laboratorio artistico per la creazione di occhiali su misura realizzati a mano, con il nome di Occhiali Sartoriali. Oltre all’occhialeria tradizionale, Matteo Trovò mantiene viva la sua passione artistica creando occhiali, spille o manufatti con un'aura unica di eleganza senza tempo.
“L’intenzione che sta alla base del mio lavoro è quella di esprimere e rielaborare concetti e sensazioni senza tempo, che attualmente sono oggetto di una riflessione più intensa e approfondita. Attraverso le mie creazioni voglio incanalare il significato che rivestono per me questi temi.”

Matteo Trovò started his study in Jewellery design at the Liceo Pietro Selvatico in Padova. Immediately after studying goldsmithing he came into contact with the world of eyewear and optics. With this new experience Matteo elaborates new thoughts and mixes both these worlds together.
After starting optics school, he created an artistic laboratory for the creation of hand-made custom-made glasses. The name of the project is Occhiali Sartoriali. In addition to traditional eyewear, Matteo Trovò keeps his artistic passion alive by creating glasses, brooches or artefacts with a unique aura of timeless elegance
Matteo say: “The intention underlying my work is to express and reprocess some of the most timeless concepts and sensations that nowadays are subjects of an intense and deep reflection. Through my creations I want to channel my personal meaning of these issues. I choose to represent my art through the creation of unique and peculiar glasses.“




Feeling of inadequacy
Friday, 24 November 2023 14:49

Manu Mara



The encounter with glass was love at first sight.
My artistic journey began since I was a child: drawing, painting, clay and lots of curiosity and interest in everything that is art. Entire afternoons spent leafing through books containing paintings and sculptures by various authors and artistic movements. Then adult after countless stays abroad where I could catch new horizons, cultures, styles, and after having studied languages, I looked for my path which was already within me without being completely aware of it.
Glass was the answer: antique but always current, ecologic, eternal. Fragile and hard, rigid and malleable material. I found myself in its peculiarities. I left the “safe” job and I attended a year of “art of glass cutting, leaded windows and Tiffany technique”. I was so much fascinated that I overtook new experiences where I learned the glass fusion technique.
Subsequently thanks to being selected among the winners in an international competition on glass jewelry organized by Trieste Contemporanea I approached the enchanting lamp work in a workshop in Burano.
Experimentation and enthusiasm have continued incessantly for more than 25 years now. I began with sculptures of non-wearable items of clothing: shoes, hats, bags recognized as icons for the universal use that has been made of them (the gallery owner with whom I collaborated at that time registered the brand: “wearable art”) At the same time I became interested in jewelry in the interpretation of a small sculpture on which to convey my emotions. Nature, animals, the four elements, fairy tales, travel, meditation, spirituality, play, food, the moon, space, dreams, the study of Tarot: my inner world. I also began to create luminous sculptures that correspond to a jewel and vice versa. While I work, I need silence. Particularly in recent years when due to my propensity towards a natural life and with ecological concepts I left the beloved city of Turin and my Atelier to live in Monferrato. In the silence of my studio, I find the peace, concentration and energy to carry out new projects.
At the same time, I am stimulated by meeting other people and professionals: my path, in addition to exhibiting in personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad, includes collaboration with stylists, fashion and fabric houses, architects, musicians and other artists and designers.
I like working on projects as it stimulates me to renew myself culturally, as well as finding myself conceiving new forms and styles. Each jewel is unique. Although it may be large in size or in particular shapes for me portability is essential. A jewel is such if it transmits strength energy, personality, magic, play elegance, if it represents us. This is what I tend to instill despite my interior and style evolutions.




gold sparks
ring | gold and glass fusion
I reflect myself deeply
ring | glass fusion painted mirror silver
chinese insect
ring | glassfusion murano rod silver

On Saturday 18 November, from 17.00 to 20.00, there will be the opening of the exhibition "Soul to Soul | Gigi Mariani & Jeemin Jamie Chung" at the Thereza Pedrosa Gallery in Asolo (TV).
The exhibition is based on a catalogue edited by Thereza Pedrosa and under the patronage of the Municipality of Asolo.

To capture the profound and essential nature of friendship is not an easy task.
Friendships are unique, mutual and affectionate relationships that enrich our lives in variousways. Built on trust, understanding, and shared experiences, they can be a source of joy,emotional support, and elevation of the spirit, and they remind us of the beauty of humanconnections.
Sometimes a friendship may arise instantaneously and instinctively. Skin to skin.Soul to soul. You meet someone, and there's an instant connection that feels like you've knownthem forever. It's a connection that transcends time, space, culture and education. To find thiskind of friendship is a powerful and rare occurrence. With "Soul to Soul", Italian artist Gigi Mariani and Korean artist Jeemin Jamie Chung lead us to celebrate this unique, precious andrare feeling of friendship.

The exhibition continues until December 26, 2023. You can also visit the exhibition online! You can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to send you a digital presentation of the exhibition.

Here are some of the works on display:


Gigi Mariani, ring

Gigi Mariani, ring

Gigi Mariani, ring

Jeemin Jamie Chung, brooch

Jeemin Jamie Chung 

Jeemin Jamie Chung, brooch

Tuesday, 07 November 2023 04:49

Pensieri Preziosi 18 - Artists in Dialogue

As part of the XVIII review of "PENSIERI PREZIOSI" in the splendid setting of the Oratory of San Rocco in Padua, the jewelry exhibition curated by Dr. Mirella Cisotto Nalon, "Artists in dialogue: contemporary jewels, an always open comparison" will be held from November 17, 2023 to February 18, 2024.

The artists who will bring their works to light are Karin Roy Andersson, Carla Riccoboni, Barbara Uderzo, Bettina Speckner and Flòra Vàgi and the opening will be held on Friday 17 November at 5.00 pm.


During the exhibition there will be meetings with the artists, their works and with the scholars who have written the texts in the catalogue.

Tuesday 21 November, 5.30 pm Meeting with the works of Flòra Vàgi and Karin Roy Andersson illustrated by Nichka Marobin.

Tuesday 28 November, 4.00 pm, Meeting with Carla Riccoboni and her works, introduced by Mirella Cisotto Nalon.

Tuesday 5 December, 4.00 pm, Meeting with Barbara Uderzo and her works, introduced by Mirella Cisotto Nalon.

Tuesday 12 December, 5.30 pm, meeting with the works of Bettina Speckner illustrated by Luisa Bazzanella Dal Piaz.

All meetings will be held at the Oratory of San Rocco, Via Santa Lucia, 59 in Padua


Here are some of the works by the artists on display:


Barbara Uderzo - ring

Karin Roy Andersson - brooch

Bettina Speckner - brooch

Karin Roy Andersson - bracelet


Carla Riccoboni - Veli | Ph. Lino Zanesco

Bettina Speckner - brooch

Barbara Uderzo - brooch

Carla Riccoboni - necklace | Ph. Cesare Balbo

Flòra Vàgi - brooch

Flòra Vàgi - brooch




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