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Ji Young Kim



Artist Ji Young Kim has been steadily exploring the form of kinetic elements through the "Back of the Moon" exhibition name over the past few years. Answering the question of her formative start, she said she paid attention to the use of Korean words as 'full' or 'filling' to instead of ‘wear’ when it describing the act of putting on jewelry.

"I thought this was an important revelation of inner consciousness. Jewelry not only fills what can be seen, but it may also be something important that fills up the void in the heart. I completed the form of the jewelry with a side that is not visible and little pieces that move. By revealing the hidden makes another kind of fulfillment. "

The departure of these narratives is in the form of unpredictable front and back in 2018, indistinguishable front and back in 2019, interior and exterior hidden movements in 2020, the emptiness in 2021, and it is published as a "cup" that fills and expands the story as the 'space' between the lines of extinction and creation in 2022.

-Invisible Device-
When do invisible devices become meaningful? An object that looks like a simple sculpture shows its identity with a human's touch and prepares to meet the body.




2021 Inhorgenta Munich Award, The 29th Legnica International Jewellery Competition: Still Human?, Poland
2020 Finalist, 10th Edition of the Contemporary jewellery Yearbook Arte y Joya 2020 2021 Award, Ripollet, Spain
2022 Enjoia’t Awards Professional(XXVII edition of the ENJOIA'T Internacional Contemporary Jewellery Awards), A-EAD, Disseny Hub Barcelona, Spain
2017 legnica silver Honorable mention, sterling silver, 10year memory, brooch
2016 Amber trip First prize, sterling silver, amber, brooch
2017 Italy Milan exhibition, sterling silver, brooch
2016 Italy Milan exhibition, aluminum, film, sound earring
2015 Itamy exhibition, sterling silver, brooch
2016 Amberif:transition, Honorable mention, amber, brooch
Tuesday, 07 March 2023 07:36

Converging Nodes: The Invisible Object

 In occasione di Schmuck 2023 a Monaco (D) e nell'ambito della Munich Jewellery Week si terrà la mostra "Converging Nodes: The Invisible Object" presso la Werkschau-Galerie für Objekte Bilder a Monaco da 9 al 12 marzo.

Gli artisti che fanno parte della mostra sono la nostra socia AGC Letizia Maggio, Raquel Bessudo e Renee Harari Masri.

 "L’affnità elettiva e intellettiva tra Letizia Maggio e Raquel Bessudo ormai è conosciuta." dice Ilaria Ruggiero nel suo raccontare e cercare di spiegare la mostra che porterà alla luce le opere di Letizia Maggio, Raquel Bessudo e le fotografie di un'artista messicana Renee Harari Masri.

per maggiori informazioni vedi qui sotto:

Monday, 20 February 2023 14:30

Ariel Lavian



The contemporary field of jewelry, which is based on the classic field, accords the artisan's extensive freedom with regard to the techniques and materials he uses. In addition to the historical baggage that the jewel carries, the contemporary jewel is designed, among others, to defy and raise questions about the accepted status and beauty markers as well as a way to express a message, an idea, even a protest, thereby expanding a craft into an art form.

For me, the field of contemporary jewelry allows me to touch on issues that concern me in the course of my life, things, and issues that I am interested in responding to. I create with materials that are around me, which are available to me and violate my thoughts; that being said, slowly, in recent years, my heart and hands have fallen in love with Copper and its ability to receive and respond. I work mainly with techniques that combine hammers. In addition, I have specialized in various techniques for creating patinas on metal for the past eight years.



Ariel Lavian was born in 1983 in Israel. Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 2012 (B.F.A, Fashion and Jewelry Department), followed by a Master's Degree in conceptual design in 2016 at Bezalel.

Since 2017, Lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Lavian has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world. His designs have been acquired internationally, both by private collectors as well as selected museums, including the SCAD Museum of Art, Georgia, United States, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv and the Design Museum, Holon, Israel.

Since 2018, Lavian has been appointed Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) Ambassador for Israel.

In 2019, Lavian received the Design Award from the Ministry of Culture, Israel.

In 2020, Lavian won second place in Venice's Design Week in the jewelry selection and the galleries award and was nominated for the prestigious Friedrich-Becker and KOGEI awards.

In 2021, Lavian won the Milano Jewelry Week award at RJW. In 2022, Lavian founded the Biennale of Contemporary Jewelry in Israel.

In 2022, Lavian won the Special Selected Work at the 22nd Korea International Jewelry Design Competition.

In 2023, the Jurors’ Choice at the Lewton-Brain Foldforming Competition, and again in 2023, Lavian won the Special Selected Work at the 23rd Korea International Jewelry Design Competition.


My garden - spring time
Brooch | Materials: Rose, bee, bark. Size: 121x72x51 mm. 2017
My garden - spring time
Brooch | Materials: Wood bark, soil, Wasp Nest, stone. Size: 132x63x71 mm. 2017 Brooch. Materials: Wood bark, soil, Wasp Nest, stone. Size: 132x63x71 mm. 2017
Depths of Heaven
Ring | Materials: Copper, sterling silver, enamel, epoxy Size: 86x64x57 mm 2020
Depths of Heaven
Object | Materials: Copper. Size: 150x141x68 mm 2020
Depths of Heaven
Neckobject | Materials: Copper. Size: 280x235x40 mm 2020
Depths of Heaven 2.0
Object | Materials: Copper, stainless steel. Size: 79x111x39 mm 2021
Depths of Heaven 2.0
Brooch | Materials: Copper, stainless steel. Size: 79x111x39 mm 2021
Part of my soul is made out of copper
Brooch | Materials: Copper, stainless steel. Size: 56x137x139 mm 2022
Scorched Earth
Brooch | Materials: Copper, stainless steel Size: 41x77x78 mm 2022

It is important in these months to share and dedicate space to the message of the Nobahar Design project.

The My City 'Bloody Tehran' project is a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of the Iranian people. In the face of tyranny and oppression, they have continued to fight for their fundamental rights and freedoms. These jewellery pieces were not offered for sale, but are a symbol and a tribute to the courage and strength of the Iranian people and remind us that we stand with them in their struggle for a better future.

Sogand Nobahar, Agc member and Iranian-born designer, tells us about her MyCity project 'Bloody Tehran':

"MyCity was initially designed in 2017 and consists of a series of bracelets and rings, each of which takes the architectural form of the Milad Tower, also known as the Tower of Tehran. These works are designed to tell a story and make us feel something, to help us connect through those stories. The feeling of nostalgia and memories are eternal, and remembering makes us relive those experiences and relive those feelings. My City is dedicated to people who have built a new life away from their old cities, but are looking for something to remind them of where they come from and their roots. With the first line of the MyCity collection that is inspired by my hometown Tehran, I wanted to be in two places at the same time.

With recent tragedies and revolution in Iran, I wanted it to have a more dramatic and urgent significance, with the transformation I recently made into one-of-a-kind pieces entitled Bloody Tehran."

This is followed by Sagand Nobahar's pieces, which by the way will be featured on March 6 in Paris Fashion Week with AlwaySupporTalent group's fashion show and then from May 18-21 at Sieraad 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Nobahar Design Milano - MY CITY TEHRAN - 2017

Nobahar Design Milano - MyCity BLOODY Tehran - Black thin cuff - 2022

Nobahar Design Milano - MyCity BLOODY Tehran - White wide cuff - 2022

Nobahar Design Milano - MyCity BLOODY Tehran - Yellow ring - 2022

Thursday, 16 February 2023 10:49

Yukiko Kakimoto



I use the technique of Kintsugi. Kintsugi is unique to the Japanese culture; it’s a method of repairing cracked or broken pottery. The process of Kintsugi can remind us of how we try to mend ourselves in our lives from physical or emotional wounds, just like a scar.
But a scar is much more, it marks a memory, a history, a decision, love, strength, pain, sorrow, but overall, some form of healing. Kintsugi shares similarities with how we heal with pride, strength, love and beauty. By using gifts from Mother Earth, it’s a collaborative work of natural materials and she assist its evolution and metamorphosis into its final form. If the artwork is ever broken or damaged, I'm offering to give it another life with the Kintsugi method for as long as I live. After its full use, the piece can return to earth just as we humans do.



Untitled 2019
Brooch | Potter's clay, glaze, Japanese lacquer, pure gold powder, Brass | First prize Gioielli in Fermento 20|21
Metamorphose 2020
Brooch | Potter's clay, glaze, Japanese lacquer, Japanese black ink, pure gold powder, Brass | First prize Gioielli in Fermento 20|21
Metamorphose 2020
Brooch | Potter's clay, glaze, Japanese lacquer, Japanese black ink, pure silver powder, Silver 950 and 925
Metamorphose 2020
Brooch | Potter's clay, glaze, Japanese lacquer, Japanese black ink, pure gold powder, Oxidized silver 950 and 925
Imaginary landscape 2021
Brooch | Potter's clay, Japanese paper, Japanese lacquer, Pigment, Brass | Selected at ENJOIA'T 2022 - Barcelona
Cell 2021
Brooch | Potter's clay, Japanese paper, Japanese lacquer, Pigment, Eggshell, Brass
Tuesday, 14 February 2023 08:00

Purifying The Soul – The Soul is Responding

The third edition of VONMO STUDIO 2022, the contemporary jewelry exhibition project "Purifying The Soul" curated by Felicia Li, has attracted public attention since its launch on October 4, 2021. 220 artists from 38 countries submitted their "soul objects" by June 10, 2022. After the selection made in a professional and impartial way by the six artists of our international jury - Catarina Silva (Portugal), Hongxia Wang (Denmark), Kim Buick (Denmark), Maria Rosa Franzin (Italy), Wang Kezhen (China) and Zhao Yi (China) - 63 works were chosen for the Qinghai exhibition.

From December 31, 2022 to January 2, 2023, the VONMO Studio team performed performance art and photography on the frozen Qinghai Lake. On the frozen Qinghai Lake after the snowfall, an area of 50 x 4 meters was cleared where curators carried 66 artists' "soul objects" (including selected and jury works) on their bodies, displaying them to the sky and earth with great respect and allowing the artists' voices to echo above Qinghai Lake.

After the difficulties humanity has gone through, we have once again reached a turning point. Now we are back in town in Beijing, offering an offline exhibition, exhibiting even more jewelry works (112 creations by 112 artists from around the world), providing visitors with the opportunity to have a close-up view and understanding of the uniqueness of each work: each artist's perspectives on the soul and the world, their values and beliefs, along with their exquisite techniques of work. This time we will not just superficially discuss what contemporary jewelry is, the boundaries between jewelry and the body, or technical aspects, but we hope that our performance will make people able to understand, beyond life and death, that souls can reach a higher level of "intense love," and these souls are responding now.

Following are the jewelry pieces by AGC authors selected for the project and for this exhibition, which will be held at the halls of LANNG SPACE in Beijing from Feb. 22 to 26:



Maura Biamonti

Maria Rosa Franzin

Stefano Fronza

Ariel Lavian

Letizia Maggio

Sogand Nobahar



for more informations click here





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Adriana Del Duca



La mia ricerca è stimolata principalmente dalla esperienza visiva riscontrata durante il periodo della mia educazione e della mia giovinezza vissuta a Caracas dove tra gli arredi urbani - in gran numero- c'erano i lavori di precursori dell'arte ottica e cinetica come Alejandro Otero, Jesùs Soto e Carlos Cruz Diez. I miei lavori sono frutto di un’identità formatasi grazie all’interesse per le arti, la sperimentazione teatrale e l’osservazione della società.
Ho adottato la trasparenza come punto di partenza onde ottenere effetti ottici attraverso l'affiancamento di figure concepite in qualità di sezioni ovvero matrici che una volta assemblate serialmente offrono una visione volumetrica indipendente. Gli effetti ottici talvolta sono ampliati dalla presenza di sagome in metallo lucido che riflettono altre superfici e contribuiscono ad arricchire il linguaggio basato sul movimento e le forme incostanti. Questo processo considera il carattere interattivo del linguaggio grazie alla partecipazione dell'osservatore esterno. Nella collana Monna Lisa ho sperimentato lo stesso processo partendo dalla fine, ovvero sezionando e assemblando una cornice di legno dorata .
E’ dal periodo del lockdown per la pandemia che ho introdotto l’elemento concettuale in questo processo formale secondo un proprio bisogno di comunicare le mie osservazioni su certi argomenti. Un esempio sono le spille "Abbiamo tutto, non abbiamo nulla" , "Non siamo soli", "Fermento". La collezione Infinite Homes, benché in apparenza potrebbe sembrare lontana dai fattori che definiscono le ricerche Transparencia e Kinetci Paper, comprende in essa gli stessi principi quali stabilità e mutamento, ovvero incostanza. Nella collezione Infinite Homes l'uso delle planimetrie sottolinea la stabilità di un valore che va oltre un luogo fisico: il nido. Sulle superfici, gli elementi possono essere mutevoli o raccontare una storia che evolve. A volte anche il perimetro della pianta diventa un chiaro riferimento ad un oggetto lasciando la dimensione piatta per raggiungere la tridimensionalità come nella spilla Virdarama.
“Following the red dot" è ancora una volta una ricerca formale dove gli effetti ottici sono alla base. L'uso della trasparenza cede la scena al nero e al bianco esplorando in maniera sofisticata altri effetti già sperimentati nella collezione Kinetic Paper.



Spilla | plexiglass
Ave del Paraiso
Collana | Kinetic Paper, cartone pressato
Where are you boy?
Spilla | Argento e pepita d'oro
Ovo - collezione Transparencia,
Collana | plexiglass e bronzo dorato
Butterfly - coll. Following the red dot
Spilla | plexiglass, corallo
Monna Lisa Encantada
Collana | cornice di legno e foglie d'oro
Monday, 16 January 2023 08:12

Incontri in AGC: events

After an interesting first interlocutory meeting and session with Mariangela Murgia and Alberto Catalano of Fluxis, more Incontri@AGC are scheduled.


The calendar is continuing through June with the following proposals:


Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023 h.20.30

The "care" of the curator. The role and quality of the curator and the importance, as well as the necessity, of his or her critical stand and research

Incontri@Agc with Maria Rosa Franzin and Thereza Pedrosa


Thursday, 03/16/2023 h.8:30 pm

Will it be ve(t)ro? - Stories and curiosities of glass through the work of forgers

Incontri@Agc with Caterina Zucchi


Thursday 23.03.2023 h.20.30

Join us! - Incontri@Agc in English and Spanish for international and Italian members who would like to speak


Thursday 04.05.2023 h.20.30

Jewelry and the Spirit of Time. A personal look with a bit of disenchantment into the everyday filtered through the history and uniqueness of jewelry of all times and genres

Incontri@Agc with Maria Laura La Mantia


Thursday, 06/29/2023 h.8:30 pm

Nano-explorations and surface narratives. Applications of quantum phenomena in contemporary jewelry.

Incontri@Agc curated by Alice Rendon


We remind you of the email address to which to write for clarifications, suggestions, proposals: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Saturday, 07 January 2023 15:42

Dear Kadri Mälk

Dear Kadri,

Not long ago you were with us in Padua, at the Oratorio of San Rocco.

You accepted the invitation of AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo to participate in the exhibition on Devotional Jewellery with great joy and with the generosity and kindness that were typical of you.

Through your messages, I was able to perceive your pain, but despite this, you wrote how great your desire was to be there.

Your gaze, your gesture, your important work, will always be with us.

AGC Association

Kadri Mälk

Tallin - Estonia, 27.1.1958 - 1.1.2023

Monday, 02 January 2023 13:20

Sogand Nobahar

Iran Italia


We are all unique in our way with the life we live and the stories we tell. These stories must be heard because they have the power to inspire others. That is the intention behind Nobahar Design Milano. Every design piece is unconventional and created to tell a compelling story because, as human beings, we can connect better in this way.

Nobahar Design Milano tells the story of traditional and modern values coming together from living in Italy and Iran. It combines my background in art, my education in Industrial and Jewelry Design.
The brand was founded in 2017 to express the experiences of a life lived in this chaotic world. The kind of world that stops us from going beyond the ordinary. The kind of world that emphasizes sticking to conventional ways of living. Nobahar Design Milano explores this world to learn and experience more of life. Some say it is unconventional. However, that is Nobahar Design’s way of connecting and inspiring people to live life to the fullest.

As Nassim Nicholas Taleb said: “I want to live happily in a world I don’t understand.”
Is it unconventional? Well, I say, let it be as unconventional as it is!







Cin Cin
My City Napoli
My City Tehran
My Inner Freedom
Penombre x MFW 2
Sempre più Bella
The Rebirth of Lotus






Pubblicazioni / Pubblications







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