Sunday, 23 May 2021 08:13

Jewellery - Next Level

EXHIBITION OPENING: Saturday, June 12, 2021 / 12:00 to 20:00

Exhibition duration: June 12 to July 10, 2021

Celebrate with us on June 12, five jewellery artists setting new highlights with their extraordinary works.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Thursday, 06 May 2021 07:07

Open Call by Alchimia

The Alchimia school of contemporary jewellery in Florence announces a call for scholarships for the academic year 2021-2022.

For more information

The school also gives a 10% discount on the total amount of the enrolment to students who are Italian or in possession of an Italian passport.

For more information




Wednesday, 21 April 2021 15:58

Lluís Comín

As part of the Celebration of 20 years of works that stimulate the soul Patina Gallery presents the work of Agc member Lluís Comín, see link below:



Image courtesy of Patina Gallery in Santa Fe, NM


Wednesday, 21 April 2021 15:55

Gigi Mariani

As part of the Celebration of 20 years of works that stimulate the soul Patina Gallery presents the work of Agc member Gigi Mariani, see link below:


Image courtesy of Patina Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

Wednesday, 21 April 2021 15:51

Harold O'Connor

As part of the Celebration of 20 years of soul-stirring works Patina Gallery presents the work of Agc member Harold O'Connor, see link below:


Image courtesy of Patina Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

Tuesday, 20 April 2021 06:02

VDW - Jewerly Selection 2021

The VDW Jewelry Selection 2021 has a long tradition and over the years has spread globally, targeting contemporary jewellery developers by stimulating creation on a specific theme. Participants come from literally all over the world and will compete in 2021 on the theme "Dazzle me!" An exhortation, with an exclamation mark, to create a piece of jewellery that captures attention and truly surprises those who look at it "straight in the eye". A challenge to play with light, colours, reflections and so much more, who knows?

The prize-winners will be exhibiting at the Venice Design Week from 9 to 17 October and among the prizes there is the possibility of exhibiting in prestigious galleries that have a section dedicated to contemporary jewellery, such as OONA gallery in Berlin, OHMYBLUE in Venice, Creativity oggetti in Turin, 15metriquadri in Udine. In addition, a communication plan dedicated to promoting the work of individual designers will be implemented through the Venice Design Week portal and media partners, which will highlight new points of view and capture the public's attention by directing it towards individual designers.

The commission is composed by Maria Rosa Franzin - Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo AGC, Anna Schetelich - OONA Galerie Berlin, Elena Rizzi - OHMYBLUE gallery Venice, Roberto Zanon architect and Professor of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts, Valeria Accornero - journalist and blogger, Marianna Serandrei - owner of Ca' Pisani Design Hotel.

DEADLINE 28 june 2021



In the last round of 2020, two AGC members were among those selected:


Laura Forte




Caterina Zucchi




Friday, 02 April 2021 12:36

Helen Britton - The Dark Garden

Galleria Antonella Villanova in Arezzo is pleased to resume its exhibition schedule on Saturday 15 May 2021, with the exhibition The Dark Garden by the Australian artist Helen Britton.

For more information on the exhibition, visit the Gallery's website by following this link.


Friday, 02 April 2021 12:29


Hope - a ruler of blue is the title of the online jewellery exhibition on display until 9 April 2021 at the Reverso Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal.

To visualize the exhibition click here

COLD SWEAT, the title of the 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial, invites us to reflect on BODY, FEAR and PROTECTION in a programme that includes exhibitions projects, talks, meetings and masterclasses. The current pandemic forces us rethink our modus operandi, and the fear and uncertainty it has caused led us to choose a remarkable aspect in the history of jewellery – physical and spiritual protection – as the Biennial’s theme, and what it means in the 21st century as a subject to discuss.

The Biennial’s which is scheduled to run primarily from 16–19 September 2021with one main show opening in July and more events running until 20 November—prime aims are to encourage research into the history of jewellery by making bridges and connections with other subjects, to foster contemporary jewellery by creating new settings for exhibitions and to promote meetings and interchanges between researchers, curators, artists and students, between themselves and with the Portuguese and an international public. The Biennial also wants to urge us to ponder over the complex moment we are all going through and stress the importance of art in life and all our daily lives.


View all PROGRAMME of the 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial


You can register to events at this link:

or via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Below are some of the events featured:

Ruudt Peters exhibition entitled AS ABOVE, SO BELOW



Talk entitled BODY, between Liesbeth den Besten, Ana Paula de Campos and Bárbara Coutinho, Moderator: João Paulo Queiroz




Masterclass entiteld FEAR with Christoph Zellweger



Masterclass entitled PROTECTION with Caroline Broadhead





Saturday, 20 March 2021 05:50

An Archivio of our own - episode 1E

An Archivio of our own
Books & thoughts streaming with: Nichka Marobin
art historian, founder of The Morning Bark
Eliana Negroni, curator of Archivio Negroni

Let's open this particular series of appointments in the Archive, with a cheerful and intriguing conversation, starting from our favorite readings ... literally precious advice unveiled from the rich Nichka's library and from the shelves that are expanding with new topics here in the Archive!

The first episode sees the cheerful flit among the following titles:

Benedetta Craveri, The Age of conversation; 2006 (translated by Teresa Waugh) New York Review Books
Benedetta Craveri, Maria Antonietta e lo scandalo della collana; 2006 Milano, Adelphi, Biblioteca Minima
Maria Sframeli (a cura di), I gioielli dei Medici dal vero e in ritratto, catalogo della mostra , Firenze, Palazzo Pitti, Museo degli Argenti, 12 settembre 2003 – 2 Febbraio 2004; 2003 Livorno, Sillabe edizioni
Cindy Strauss (a cura di), Ornament as art. Avant-garde jewelry from the Helen Williams Drutt Collection, The Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston; 2007 Houston, The Fine Arts Museum and ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers
Helen W.Drutt English – Peter Dormer, Jewelry of our time. Art, ornament and obsession, 1995 New York, Rizzoli International Publication
The Morning Bark - blo(g)azette on art and humanities

This conversation will be in English.
If interested in its Italian version, please book the next session here:
INFO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.