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Attrezzeria Negroni. Milano.

Archivio Attrezzeria Negroni
The making-of

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Archivio Negroni Attrezzeria Milano

Archivio Negroni



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Gioiello e Thanatos

Cosa intimorisce nel pronunciare la parola “morte”? Dove ne possiamo trovare il significato?
In questo nuovo appuntamento, l’esperta Maria Rosa Franzin ci condurrà in un viaggio attraverso i piccoli oggetti in cui i popoli del passato racchiudevano simbolicamente il significato dell’uomo e della sua esistenza.

“Molti anni fa avevo visto una interessante mostra sulla vita ed il quotidiano nel popolo degli Etruschi e nelle loro case dell’anima. Le forme di piccole dimensioni, proprio come piccole case, erano considerate luoghi in cui veniva raccolto il significato dell’uomo e della sua esistenza”.

Gli appuntamenti, per rispettare le norme anti Covid, sono sempre trasmessi in diretta sulla pagina Facebook ufficiale “Alla fine dei conti” e sul sito web

Anche dopo la diretta, rimarranno online ed accessibili a tutti gratuitamente sui seguenti siti web:
e sul canale YouTube “Alla fine dei conti”

Maria Rosa Franzin: presidente di AGC, Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo. Ha partecipato ad esposizioni nazionali ed internazionali

Elena Alfonsi: ideatrice della rassegna Alla Fine Dei Conti.

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L'Archivio tutto per noi

L'Archivio tutto per noi

Libri e pensieri in streaming con:
Nichka Marobin
storica dell’arte, autrice di The Morning Bark
Eliana Negroni, responsabile dell’Archivio

Apriamo questa serie particolare di appuntamenti in Archivio, con una conversazione allegra e intrigante, a partire dalle nostre letture preferite... consigli letteralmente preziosi pescati dalla ricchissima biblioteca di Nichka e dagli scaffali che si infittiscono di nuovi argomenti qui in Archivio!

La prima puntata vede l'allegro svolazzo tra i titoli che vi preannunciamo:

HELEN W. DRUTT ENGLISH – PETER DORMER, Jewelry of our time. Art, ornament and obsession, 1995 New York, Rizzoli International Publication – ISBN 0-8478-1914-0;

CINDY STRAUSS (a cura di), Ornament as art. Avant-garde jewelry from the Helen Williams Drutt Collection, The Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston; 2007 Houston, The Fine Arts Museum and ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers - ISBN 978-3-89790-273-2;

MARIA SFRAMELI (a cura di), I gioielli dei Medici dal vero e in ritratto, catalogo della mostra , Firenze, Palazzo Pitti, Museo degli Argenti, 12 settembre 2003 – 2 Febbraio 2004; 2003 Livorno, Sillabe edizioni – ISBN 88-8347-197-0;

BENEDETTA CRAVERI, Maria Antonietta e lo scandalo della collana; 2006 Milano, Adelphi, Biblioteca Minima – ISBN 978-88-459-2105-6;
The Morning Bark - blo(g)azette on art and humanities

An Archivio of our own
Books & thoughts streaming with:
Nichka Marobin
art historian, founder of The Morning Bark
Eliana Negroni, curator of Archivio Negroni

Let's open this particular series of appointments in the Archive, with a cheerful and intriguing conversation, starting from our favorite readings ... literally precious advice unveiled from the rich Nichka's library and from the shelves that are expanding with new topics here in the Archive!

The first episode sees the cheerful flit among the titles announced above here.

Archivio Negroni

Venerdì 26 Febbraio 2021 ore 17.30

Poesia quotidiana: traccia, ricerca e risultato
Gli artisti ospiti del Progetto Gioielli in Fermento.

Incontro con:
Maria Rosa Franzin
artista, docente, presidente di AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo

Archivio Negroni

Monday, 01 February 2021 12:56


Deadline for registration, April 30, 2021

Call for entry, Deadline November 30, 2021



Each artist should present take into consideration the "theme of LOSS" intended as sudden, total and permanent absence.

"Intimate Relationship", the theme of Vonmo Studio's second exhibition, was determined last summer when everyone was talking about the life-long impact from the family of origin. After hesitating for a long time, I finally got the courage to talk about my family with my friends. At that time, I determined the theme of the second session as "Intimate Relationship", a social topic related to generations.

Growing in a big family of immature parents and elders, I must be sensitive to their frailty and emotional outburst all the time. "Einstein and Einstein" (A film directed by Cao Baoping, and you can learn about the growth of our generation through this film) is a vivid showing of the dilapidation, depression and helplessness of traditional Chinese family education. Hearing the "elders" in the movie roared out familiar words that educated the next generation in the dialect of my hometown, I am immediately pulled back into the abyss of childhood helplessness step by step... It turns out that we all grow up in such a helpless condition: It is always the closest relationship that hurts each other badly. Once I even believed that I was born with a mature mind, but was slowly worn down into a lonely and naive person, or I was just the product of a family education tragedy. And my second growth stage, relearning to love and be loved, started from the escape from my family and living with my husband. In the book "Educated: A Memoir", Tara Westover explores herself step by step, tries to see her family and the world from a new perspective, and finally reconciles with herself. In the relationship with your relatives, lover or friends, I think every one of us will experience such a process in this "Intimate Relationship": escape to find new beliefs and sustenance, and ultimately come back to reconcile with ourselves, so as to maintain a healthy intimacy with others.

In the "Intimate Relationship", nobody is wrong, because everyone treats each other in the name of love which is relatively selfish. There is seldom great love in this relationship, so misunderstanding and resentment will arise. In fact, this relationship also means "my body is different from yours". It’s just like two intersecting geometric shapes, in which some parts fit well, some opposite, some can't be touched anyway, and others that seem to fit together, but fragmented when magnified… So it becomes difficult to tell, from a single aspect, whether we’re happy or painful in the "Intimate Relationship". In this exhibition, with your body as a carrier, you can express the inmost emotion through your jewelry, reinventing yourself in the theme of "Intimate Relationship".


Felicia Li

Vonmo Studio

List of Review Committee (alphabetical order):
Catarina Silva, Portugal.
Hongxia Wang, Denmark.
Kim Buck, Denmark.
Maria Rosa Franzin, Italy.
Kezhen Wang, China.
Yi Zhao, China.

Participation requirements and schedule:
Each participant is required to design and produce jewelry works according to the theme. We only accept the work produced from 2020 to 2021. The size of the exhibited works is limited to 50cm×50cm×50cm. If there are special circumstances, the competitors must contact the organizer in advance. Original works are required. Once plagiarism is found, the selection and participation qualification will be cancelled.
As the theme of exhibition is “intimate relationship”, the organizing committee needs photos that can embody the feelings between “intimate relationship” members for better comprehension of the artworks. Artworks and photos will be displayed together in the exhibition in 2021. Please ask us ( by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for the participation application form. Submit your exhibiting information before 20 June, 2021 (the deadline for registration). No registration and participation fees.
The jury will begin to select all submitted works based on the photos on 21 June 2021. The results of the selection will be announced on the Vonmo WeChat Public Account on 10 July, 2021. The organizing committee will contact the shortlisted artists in time. It is expected that the Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition of "Intimate Relationship" will open in Shanghai on 1 Sept 2021, then tour in Beijing. The organizing committee reserves the following rights: freely display specially invited and selected works, have the right to take photos of the exhibited works and publicly use the photos for free, and use the author’s personal information for the exhibition’s domestic and foreign publicity, and portfolio publishing. After the exhibition is over, the organizer will send back the works of participating artists, including the exhibition certificate and exhibition portfolio.
*All timeline is for reference only, and the actual situation depends on the actual progress of the project. Any changes to the time involved in the cooperation process of exhibitors will be notified separately. The right to interpret related matters belongs to the organizer.

Notice when you’re Shortlisted:
Vonmo Studio respects the pricing of the works of the shortlisted artists, and there will be no commission drawn by the Studio. If the work is sold, the artist will get the corresponding fee for the price. We use Paypal or bank account to transfer the money. The handling fee is borne by Vonmo.
The shortlisted artists only need to pay the postage for the mailing of the work to Vonmo, and there’re no other costs. Vonmo will bear the customs duties and the postage when sending back the works of participating artists.



Wednesday, 09 December 2020 12:45


Between Città Studi and Ortica, in Milan after the Second World War, where factories and factories were integrated into the urban fabric, stands the NEGRONI ARCHIVE, guardian of the historical and cultural heritage of the Edoardo Negroni tooling. Founded in the early '50s, it built illuminated masterpieces with burin: equipment, punches and moulds to reproduce ornamental and classic silverware details. Among the numerous drawers and folders in the factory is the rich heritage: artefacts and tools to tell the art of engraving and a history of craftsmanship in industrious Lombardy. The Archive wants to relaunch itself as a dynamic and active "tank" of information and practical references. A project is currently underway to enhance and promote this heritage of corporate culture, which will see the Negroni Archive present itself in the near future in a system accessible to the public of specialists and enthusiasts.

Archivio Negroni is born from the workshop founded by my father Edoardo Negroni. "We work in the field of metalworking and tool-making for goldsmiths and silversmiths. Based in Milan - Italy the workshop was founded in 1958. I learnt all the process working by his side and then integrated it innovating techniques for the last 25 years. Today my aim is to let people discover our workshop - the Archivio Negroni - as a dynamic reservoir of information and practical references in a cultural project which enlightens the archive and the inherited metal engraving’s know-how."
(Eliana Negroni, the Archive’s curator)

To follow cultural proposals:

or visit the website:


As part of the programme of exhibitions dedicated to the artists of the Thereza Pedrosa Gallery in Asolo (TV), the exhibition "Reflections from the Silence" by Lluís Comín opened on 17 October.
The work of the Spanish goldsmith artist Lluís Comín is always characterized by the deep personal meditation that accompanies him and the current exhibition is absolutely one of the most introspective projects of the author, who has developed it in two collections: "La Montagna Magica" and "Vestigia".

“The Magic Montain” explores his relationship with nature and, specifically, his love for the solitude of the mountain: “The snow’s deep silence, the intense blue sky or the raging stormy wind make one believe in the gods and provoke that one comes back again and again to this sacred temple where friendship becomes a kind of religion. The mountain is the place where the senses and emotions become sharper, where a parenthesis of memories opens up and where time is relative and freedom absolute”. The new “Vestiges” collection, on the other hand, is an introspective journey that began during the long period of lockdown, in which the artist reflects on the present and future of humanity as a species.

The artist himself recounts his thoughts:

“We Homo sapiens tend to believe that we are living the best moment in the history of our species. But… does our evolution make any sense? Where does the technical revolution lead us to? Are we really aiming at achieving “happiness”? We usually think that the way we face life is superior to the way of those that preceded us. And taking into account that our “advanced” societies’ lifestyle and financial welfare are higher than the previous ones, I really ask myself if we are improving as a species.
We believe to be morally superior. But why are, for example our current female canons of beauty better than the ones at the time when Rubens painted “The Three Graces”? If we would look at our current civilization from a future point of view, we would surely find weird aspects in it – maybe even absurd ones. Many of these aspects might now be considered as “truth”. Years ago a master of mine told me something that’s been very useful to me: the word “moral” is originally Latin (mos, moris..) which means “habit”. Our certainties are therefore totally relative and context-bound. As time goes by, we will only be vestiges of a moment in history – the same as triolobites and Roman mosaics once were. So, unless we are able to be less arrogant and unless we really start caring about the others and the environment, our attitude could lead to the end of our species. Maybe… in the future someone will dig up one of my jewels… and will say in a foreign language: “Vestiges of the XXI century”. This will surely happen if we haven’t become extinct.”


Lluís Comín, Vestiges 5, brooch

Lluís Comín, Magic Mountain 9, necklace

Friday, 16 October 2020 18:34

Collect / Connect. Contemporary Jewellery

From October 6th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs will take part in the triannual Parcours Bijoux 2020 series of events and exhibitions by presenting original pieces from jewellery designers, Julie Decubber and Stefania Lucchetta. Displayed in the Galerie des Bijoux, which offers an unequalled panorama for this field, both artists’ creations spring from two very different fields of research, which both address contemporary concerns.

Julie Decubber continues to immerse her work into the eclectic world of contemporary ceramics. Fifteen ceramic artists supplied her with their rejected waste: endangered materials intended to be destroyed. Julie Decubber celebrates them by creating a collection of “jewelstories”, using their shards as materials, revealing the personalities of the ceramic artists with overlaying her own, as exquisite relics. In turning them into jewels, these fragments take on new, intimate significance. Halfway between jewellery and documentary, the exhibition is immersed in a soundscape recorded during the encounters between the designer and the artists. The fifteen ceramic artist who partnered with Julie Decubber, Héloïse Bariol, Enrica Casentini, Nani Champy-Schott, Agnès Debizet, Julia Huteau, Kaori Kurihara, Julia Morlot, Linda Ouhbi, Emilie Pedron, Fanny Richard, Alice Toumit, Francine Triboulet, Léa Van Impe, Anne Verdier, Ulrike Weiss.

Stefania Lucchetta is a pioneer in the usageof 3D modeling software and prototyping machines in the field of jewellery. For nearly twenty years, she has used these novel technologies to produce complex forms that are impossible to achieve through traditional techniques. Titanium, her preferred material, allows her to combine lightness and expressivity. The fifteen pieces of jewellery presented on view are true sculptures in miniature form: her earlier geometric and abstract structures evolve, in more recent pieces produced for the exhibition, into organic sculptures closer to shapes found in nature. The “Collect / Connect. Contemporary Jewellery” exhibition reveals the most recent explorations and showcase the formal audacity of contemporary jewellery.

Following are some works by Stefania Lucchetta:


Brooch - Vertebrae_158, 2020 | anodized titanium, steel (ph. Stefania Lucchetta)

Ring - Volutae_30, 2020 | titanium (ph. Fabio Zonta)

Necklace - Vertebrae_162 | anodized titanium (ph. Stefania Lucchetta)

Necklace - Concretiones 242, 2020 | anodized titanium (ph. Stefania Lucchetta)


Tuesday, 13 October 2020 18:25


As part of PARCOURS BIJOUX 2020 the Parisian path of events dedicated to the contemporary creation of jewelry, French and international, we report the exhibition entitled HUMAN SPACE IDENTITY at the Galerie Sophie...etc! in Paris, thanks to the curatorship of Ilaria Ruggiero and A/dornment. The exhibition includes the works of four Italian artists and jewelry designers, Laura Forte, Letizia Maggio, Simona Materi and Francesca Mazzotta, together with an artist from Mexico, Raquel Bessudo. This event will bring to the public the results achieved by the artists' creative explorations, which together specifically address the theme of identity in relation to that of space, developing distinct conceptual themes paths and the use of different languages, the aim of the exhibition is to question the concepts of belonging and identity at existential, social and political level.


Letizia Maggio realizes a new series through the use of different media and techniques, almost definitively abandoning the insertion of metals, or precious materials, and focusing on the photographic print on canvas of the photos made by Alice Brazzit. Details of loved ones naked bodies represent intimate and embodied portions of stories, which here take on absolute and universal value. To these pieces of prints she includes words, sewn threads, chains, rediscovered elements of old watches, which create a puzzle whose order and composition is the staging of an existential internal landscape.

to follow some of her works:



The work of Laura Forte moves in the opposite direction, in which the total abstraction of forms and thought prevails. Always characterized by extreme geometric minimalism, the ‘Utopia’ series further emphasizes the symbolic value of the forms and their combination in games of metaphysical perfection. A platonic, ideal, utopian, pure space, created in the interstices, just counteracting reality, which chaotically transports us into the continuous flow of matter.

to follow some of her works: