Nichka Marobin


Nichka Marobin is an Italian art historian specialized in Dutch and Flemish art history. She graduated at the faculty of letters of Padova (Italy) with a dissertation on Renaissance ornament prints from 1500 to 1550 in Germany and the Low Lands, focusing on the migration of forms, themes and styles on the engravings of Cornelis Bos, Cornelis Floris II, Lucas van Leyden and the German Little Masters. In 2011 she founded “The Morning Bark”, a blogazette on arts and humanities, where she posts about arts with a multidisciplinary path, including fine arts, books, fashion and contemporary jewellery.

In 2014 she started her project called “Les Métissages” developing the concept of migration of forms and ideas by juxtaposing contemporary jewellery and fashion creations: by matching old and new fashion creations with contemporary jewellery, the life of forms surfaces, testifying its restless existence and enhancing both these forms of Art.

In 2015 she curated the exhibition “Les Métissages: a new grammar of beauty” at JOYA BARCELONA, exposing at Arts Santa Mónica Barcelona and giving life to four métissages between eight artists among contemporary jewelers and fashion designers from Italy, Japan, Australia, Hungary, The Netherlands, Spain and Taiwan. She curated exhibitions also in 2016 and 2017 in Barcelona at the Museu del Modernisme and at Hannah Gallery by Klimt02.

She is a contributor of Art Jewellery Forum, a worldwide platform for contemporary jewellery and member of AJF Ambassador Program for contemporary jewellery in Italy; from 2009 she is active member of AGC the Italian association for contemporary jewellery.

Her blogazette, The Morning Bark, is one of the official media partners of JOYA Barcelona, the international contemporary jewellery fair and Gioielli in Fermento, an international contemporary jewellery contest. She is a passionate collector of contemporary jewellery.




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  • Citt√†: Padova
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