Chiara Scarpitti


My work comes from a research both theorethical than experimental. Every piece is the final result of a complex process of thinking, design and production. The aim is to reflect, from an antropological point of view, about the sense of materials, tecniques, shapes. Each collection buds from a crossbreeding of materials and techniques, both digital and handcrafted: a research between past and future. This kind of research opens the door to a new vision, which blends disciplines of humanities, such as philosophy, aesthetics, anthropology along with scientific disciplines such as engineering materials, new machinery and technologies. All is finalized to investigate a new kind of design as an intersection point between craftsmanship and industry, humanity and technology.

La mia ricerca artistica e scientifica è incentrata su un’analisi critica delle più recenti pratiche progettuali di produzione digitale attraverso una rivalorizzazione dei valori umanistici del design e un’intersezione tra gli scenari del postumano e la rivoluzione tecnologica in corso. L’obiettivo della ricerca teorico-progettuale è quello di individuare nuovi processi produttivi, al confine tra arte e design, che vadano verso l’orizzonte del post digitale. Il risultato è un’ibridazione trasversale tra discipline umanistiche, come filosofia, antropologia, e discipline scientifiche, come lo studio dei materiali e dei processi produttivi.


Anthropocene - Lost landscapes and extinct flowers. 2017-18
Anthropocene - Lost landscapes and extinct flowers. 2017-18
Anthropocene - Lost landscape (river) necklace. 2017-18
Anthropocene - Extinct flowers ellipse brooches. 2017-18
Anthropocene - Lost landscapes and extinct flowers brooches. 2017-18
Correspondances - Botanica flowers and beaks composition brooches. 2013-14
Phylogenesis - Emptiness bracelet. 2012
Phylogenesis - Muybridge egg pendant. 2012
Phylogenesis - Muybridge birds flight collier. 2012
Reaction Poetique - Cubes necklace. 2010

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  • Nome: Chiara Scarpitti
  • Citt√†: Napoli / Milano
  • Nazione: Italy
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