Claudia Steiner


“Surface design, contrasts, form, nature, colour, architecture, materiality and sometimes things that are hidden – all of these are common threads that run through my work. An important element – and a challenge to me personally – is the creation of space and contours in order to combine geometric and ornamental forms.”

With my jewellerypieces I try to find an connection between pure and raw forms, spaces, rooms, frames and ornaments. Most of my work is inspired by nature and architecture. The searching and finding of shapes and transforming it to a new character and aesthetical meaning. Things in my surrounding wherever I am - maybe something small not important when you first see it, but something special.

This interpretation of the origin give space for the possibility to the viewer for his own perceptions and has a little bit of a secret – the second view, the look behind obvious.“

brooch | silver oxidised, nylonthreat
brooch | silver, oxidised, resin, pigments, nylonthreat
necklace | silver, oxidised, resin, pigment, nylonthrreat
brooch | silver, oxidised, resin, pigments, nylonthreat
925 silver
brooch | silver, resin, pigments
brooch | silver, silver oxidised
brooch | silver
brooch | copper, silver
ring | silver, shibuichi
Backstage silence
Necklace | 2015 | 925 Silver oxidised, Photo, Woodsheet, Crystal-Resin, Silk-Nylon

Pubblicazioni / Publications


Cominelli Foundation Award - Exhibition 2015
Omaggio a Donatello - Premio Mario Pinton II
Gioielli in Fermento Exhibition Catalogues 2013/14/15
Amber in Contemporary Jewellery
Exhibition Catalogue - Solo Exhibion: Portraits & Poses




  • Nome: Claudia Steiner
  • Indirizzo: Frankenberggasse 11 1040
  • Citt√†: Vienna
  • Nazione: Austria
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telefono: 0043 (0) 69911180455