Esme Yamaguchi

Australia | Giappone

Initially, I was inspired to start making contemporary jewellery after I came across the genre in my home country of Australia. After moving to Japan, I was fortunate to see the landmark exhibition "Kogei - A View of a Century of Modern Japanese Crafts" in 2003. The collections employing traditional Japanese metal-working techniques had an overwhelming impact, compelling me to gain the knowledge and expertise needed for experimental usage of these techniques in my own jewellery-making. Since graduating from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010, I have worked mainly with Asian-style engraving and Damascene inlay, expanding and diversifying the spectrum of my palette by playing with colouring and patination, experimenting with uniquely bladed engraving chisels, and pushing the boundaries of technical application. Currently, pattern is my passion, used as the focal point rather than a purely decorative and secondary component of form. I am currently based in Japan and also exhibit under the artist name of Torigaski.



Crossing Paths
Brooches shibuichi, copper, fine gold & silver, 18K gold, 925 silver, gold leaf
Brooch brass, 925 silver, silver-plating, fine gold & silver
Brooch copper, ruthenium plating, 925 silver, fine gold & silver, gold-plating
Brooches 925 silver, shibuichi, rhodium-plating, pink-gold plating
Pendant copper, 925 silver, silver-plating, gold leaf, steel
Pendant copper, 925 silver, fine silver, gold leaf, enamel paint, cord
Queen Wakame
Pendant copper, 925 silver, fine gold & silver, gold leaf, cashew lacquer, cord




  • Nome: Esmé Yamaguchi
  • Indirizzo: 2-4-9-201 Mita, Minato-ku
  • Città: Tokyo
  • Nazione: Japan
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