Michael Hofmeyer

Australia / Italy

The pleasure for me in making and designing is through improvisation and experimentation.

Together with Goldsmithing I also work with opaque and transparent vitreous enamels.

My most recent project ‘FRAGILITY SERIES’ takes inspiration from the beauty and colour of the hidden worlds of coral reefs, particularly fragile in these times of climate change.







Brooch. Water 1.Fragility series. 80x45mm. Transparent & opaque enamel, copper, stg silver and walnut wood.
Brooch. Water 2. Fragility series. Diameter 45mm. Opaque and transparent enamel, stg silver, copper and 18ct gold.
Brooch. Water 3. Fragility series. 55x45mm. Opaque &Transparent enamel, copper and stg silver.
Earrings. Water 5. Atolls, fragility series. 40x30mm. Transparent enamel, stg silver and stainless steel.
Earrings. Rutilated Quartz & 18ct Gold.




  • Nome: Michael Hofmeyer
  • Indirizzo: Via Fornaci 124
  • Citt√†: Padova 35129
  • Nazione: Italia
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  • Telefono: 3921832191