Roberta Bernabei



Dr Roberta Bernabei is a leading researcher in the field of Craft/Design Jewellery Research. She is a Senior lecturer (professore associato) in Critical & Historical Studies and Jewellery at Loughborough University, UK. She is visiting Reader at Birmingham City University in the Institute of Jewellery, Fashion and Textiles, including the role as international ambassador of the Institute and the Craft Cultures Research cluster. Since 2015 she has been passionately active in building the field of Craft/Design Jewellery Research through instigating and leading the Journal of Jewellery Research. She has gained international reputation based on her research contribution in the field with a monographic book, journal articles, chapters and exhibitions. Bernabei’s research profile in art jewellery exhibition design and its collective process counts fifty-seven exhibitions until 2021. She is leading seven doctoral researchers in the research of cultural heritage, new application of 3D printing technologies in jewellery, including wearables as an aid for wellbeing at the JCR Lab (Jewellery & Craft Research Lab LU) at Loughborough University.





brooch | 2005 - amber, silicone, sterling silver | 5x5x3cm
pendant | 2006 - silverenamel, mixed, media, cotton | 8x6x18cm
pendant | 2006 - silver, enamel, foam, cotton | 40x8x1cm
ring | 2001 - silicon, iron, enamel | 3x3x4cm
pendant | 2005 - sterling, silver, porcelain, enamel, silk | 6x4x3cm
Father and Son
brooch | 2016
Cedar Home care project | 2016