Miruna Belicovici



My passion for jewelry making begun unexpectedly. It was like all of a sudden, after a life long full of educated words, I finally learned to talk. No boundaries, no misconceptions, just the purity of the concept, articulated meticulously in each object.
Jewellery is like a language to me, a means to very personally articulate a meaning, to unveil a deeper truth and to walk around wearing it, in plain sight. It is like wearing your inside out as truthfully as it gets. My inspiration comes from the hidden inner form of things, hence I try to see that shape that yearns to come forth, that shape that unravels best the narrative of the piece.
I find the ability of these objects to embody warmth, feelings, desires and to adorn so personally the one wearer that chooses them, deeply mesmerizing. It is the symbiotic merge between the jewel and its owner that fascinates me. The individuality of this symbiosis. Its uniqueness.



"The Mickey Mouse baroque effect" by Pretiosa collection
ring | Silver, bronze, brass screw and nut, smokey quartz, bronze powder | 2022
"Unnamed" by Inamorata collection
ring | Sterling silver, bronze, bronze powder / copper powder, garnet | 2021
"Unnamed" by Inamorata collection
ring | Sterling silver, bronze, bronze powder, garnet | 2021
ring | Sterling silver. Hand made woven structure, later casted. Private collection | 2020
By Soul scraps collection
Ring | Pure wool, old brass piece found in my grandfather's tool box, handmade paper, pigments, plastifiant spray, lacquer. Private collection | 2019
"The soul whisperer" by Whisper collection
ring | Silver, hand made woven structure casted in bronze. Private collection | 2019


  • Nome: Miruna Belicovici
  • Citt√†: Bucarest
  • Nazione: Romania
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.