Ji Young Kim



Artist Ji Young Kim has been steadily exploring the form of kinetic elements through the "Back of the Moon" exhibition name over the past few years. Answering the question of her formative start, she said she paid attention to the use of Korean words as 'full' or 'filling' to instead of ‘wear’ when it describing the act of putting on jewelry.

"I thought this was an important revelation of inner consciousness. Jewelry not only fills what can be seen, but it may also be something important that fills up the void in the heart. I completed the form of the jewelry with a side that is not visible and little pieces that move. By revealing the hidden makes another kind of fulfillment. "

The departure of these narratives is in the form of unpredictable front and back in 2018, indistinguishable front and back in 2019, interior and exterior hidden movements in 2020, the emptiness in 2021, and it is published as a "cup" that fills and expands the story as the 'space' between the lines of extinction and creation in 2022.

-Invisible Device-
When do invisible devices become meaningful? An object that looks like a simple sculpture shows its identity with a human's touch and prepares to meet the body.




2021 Inhorgenta Munich Award, The 29th Legnica International Jewellery Competition: Still Human?, Poland
2020 Finalist, 10th Edition of the Contemporary jewellery Yearbook Arte y Joya 2020 2021 Award, Ripollet, Spain
2022 Enjoia’t Awards Professional(XXVII edition of the ENJOIA'T Internacional Contemporary Jewellery Awards), A-EAD, Disseny Hub Barcelona, Spain
2017 legnica silver Honorable mention, sterling silver, 10year memory, brooch
2016 Amber trip First prize, sterling silver, amber, brooch
2017 Italy Milan exhibition, sterling silver, brooch
2016 Italy Milan exhibition, aluminum, film, sound earring
2015 Itamy exhibition, sterling silver, brooch
2016 Amberif:transition, Honorable mention, amber, brooch


  • Nome: Ji Young Kim
  • Indirizzo: Heyrimaeulgil
  • Città: Paju
  • Nazione: S.Korea
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telefono: 00821090212046