Rosa Borredá



My work is born from an excessive passion for collecting. I love to compile systematically objects and curiosities and the process of selecting, storing and transforming them becomes a real obsession until they are worshiped as unique pieces.

All the objects have had an owner and a story before I use and transform them. I feel a strong passion for all the ancient.

My goal is to raise those found objects to another category and perpetuate them through time, combining the knowledge and experimenting with the materials.

I wish to embellish even the most insignificant fragments, creating something new and being able to transmit the feelings about them without losing its essence in order to perpetuate their lives.




Novilunium - 2013
Strata of my memory. Inspired by nature The different layers refer to each and every one of the details that make up my life, my pass
Cathedral - 2015
Attraction to large buildings throughout history. Lover of the Middle Ages and specifically of Gothic cathedrals. In continuous search
Summer solstice - 2015
The piece represents the magical night of San Juan. It has a pagan and ancestral origin. Ritual where fire drives away evil spirit
We are memories We are bones, we are memories -2018
White as bones. Considered the color of purity, perfection and peace. Small showcase...
Athens Gold and ivory for the goddess Athena Parthenos - 2019
Ruins that in spite of the continuous transformations throughout the centuries....
Niké - 2021
A victorious, majestic Goddess, despite being represented as a small winged sculpture in the hands of a superior God, symbolizes triumph....
Walk by the sea I - 2023
I take as a reference the painting Paseo a las orillas del mar by Sorolla. My childhood. It is a robust, compact necklace..
Walk by the sea II - 2023
My present moment, whose walks by the sea would be my moments of healing and inspiration, as well as my main source of collect
Walk by the sea III - 2023
My neighbourhood, Cabanyal/Canyamelar, linked to the sea, an old fishermen's neighbourhood, now a fashionable neighbourhood.


  • Nome: Rosa Borredá
  • Indirizzo: C/José Benlliure 39 pta 4
  • Città: Valencia
  • Nazione: Spain
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telefono: 0034 616337635