Manu Mara



The encounter with glass was love at first sight.
My artistic journey began since I was a child: drawing, painting, clay and lots of curiosity and interest in everything that is art. Entire afternoons spent leafing through books containing paintings and sculptures by various authors and artistic movements. Then adult after countless stays abroad where I could catch new horizons, cultures, styles, and after having studied languages, I looked for my path which was already within me without being completely aware of it.
Glass was the answer: antique but always current, ecologic, eternal. Fragile and hard, rigid and malleable material. I found myself in its peculiarities. I left the “safe” job and I attended a year of “art of glass cutting, leaded windows and Tiffany technique”. I was so much fascinated that I overtook new experiences where I learned the glass fusion technique.
Subsequently thanks to being selected among the winners in an international competition on glass jewelry organized by Trieste Contemporanea I approached the enchanting lamp work in a workshop in Burano.
Experimentation and enthusiasm have continued incessantly for more than 25 years now. I began with sculptures of non-wearable items of clothing: shoes, hats, bags recognized as icons for the universal use that has been made of them (the gallery owner with whom I collaborated at that time registered the brand: “wearable art”) At the same time I became interested in jewelry in the interpretation of a small sculpture on which to convey my emotions. Nature, animals, the four elements, fairy tales, travel, meditation, spirituality, play, food, the moon, space, dreams, the study of Tarot: my inner world. I also began to create luminous sculptures that correspond to a jewel and vice versa. While I work, I need silence. Particularly in recent years when due to my propensity towards a natural life and with ecological concepts I left the beloved city of Turin and my Atelier to live in Monferrato. In the silence of my studio, I find the peace, concentration and energy to carry out new projects.
At the same time, I am stimulated by meeting other people and professionals: my path, in addition to exhibiting in personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad, includes collaboration with stylists, fashion and fabric houses, architects, musicians and other artists and designers.
I like working on projects as it stimulates me to renew myself culturally, as well as finding myself conceiving new forms and styles. Each jewel is unique. Although it may be large in size or in particular shapes for me portability is essential. A jewel is such if it transmits strength energy, personality, magic, play elegance, if it represents us. This is what I tend to instill despite my interior and style evolutions.




gold sparks
ring | gold and glass fusion
I reflect myself deeply
ring | glass fusion painted mirror silver
chinese insect
ring | glassfusion murano rod silver


  • Nome: Manuela Maria Marazzani (Manu Mara)
  • Indirizzo: Regione torrazzo 12
  • Citt√†: Cantarana (ASTI)
  • Nazione: Italia
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telefono: 3479778056