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From the adorned body to the activated body: the jewel as an embodied device.

Abstract Essay: The essay highlights, through a phenomenological reading of the body in the 20th and 21st centuries, the still unexpressed results of the impact of some disciplines such as psychoanalysis and performance art on contemporary jewellery. 

If, in fact, an evolutionary, historical and symbolic link has been traced between the languages ​​of Body Art and contemporary ornament, the influences that the discovery of psychoanalysis and the unconscious have had on the narration of the body have not yet been explored through the lens of jewel. 

The essay would like to underline the breadth of this potential research not only as a historical perspective aimed at filling a gap in the study and analysis, but as a new source of inspiration for the evolution of future studies and criticism on the relationship between jewellery and artificial intelligence and design, which, together with the most recent doctrines of the philosophy of the body and of embodied cognition, offers new ideas for philosophical speculation and development on the subject.