Chellenging Jewellery

Chellenging Jewellery


What is small and intimate is often overlooked.

The Temporary Programme, Challenging Jewellery, aims to give an impulse to the jewellery profession by focusing on the applicability of jewellery-thinking in society, from the making industry to the market of limited art editions.

Tutors, guests and participants of the programme explore the attention paid to the small and intimate, the human handling, and the careful treatment of materials that they deem needed in the broader context of today's digitised society.

The programme allows the study of current notions of body-bound and human-focused objects and products. Through this approach it is attempting to think big on a small scale – which supposes an ability to understand micro working. The Temporary Programme challenges the subject of jewellery on a fundamental level – how it relates to our present time, its social and political implications, its relevance.

The input for Challenging Jewellery is based on intergenerational dialogue. The visiting tutors and guests – varying from theoreticians and curators to contemporary architects, designers and artists – guarantee a continuous renewal of viewpoints on and insights into a discipline known to traditions and historical design and theory connotations. The board with four key figures in the realm of jewellery and design ensures a solid foundation for the Temporary Programme.

Like the previous Temporary Programmes, Material Utopias, Materialisation in Art & Design, Fashion Matters and the current programme Radical Cut-Up, Challenging Jewellery works together with BA departments and workshops at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, such as Ceramics, Glass, Textile, CadCam, Wood, Metal and Photography.