Date: Firenze, 9 - 13 Luglio 2018


Granulation – An intensive course on the craft of ancient joining techniques

The goal of the workshop is to teach the basic skills of ancient joining techniques and the strategies used to make artistic artefacts in the past with an eye on using these skills to design and fabricate contemporary objects. While the technique of granulation requires long-term repetition to develop proficiency and mastery, the basic skills and insights gathered during the course will prepare the participant to continue in autonomy.

Language lesson: Italian, English, French

David Loepp was born in 1951 and grew up in Wyoming. In 1969 he moved to Paris. Three years later he moved to Sicily where he apprenticed as a goldsmith and sculpture. Fascinated by ancient jewellery, he worked primarily with the exponents of “archeo-gioielleria” in Messina and Rome where he opened a workshop in 1996. He has worked in experimental archaeology for the past two decades in collaboration with the University of Rome la Sapienza, Italy's National Research Council and the Antiquitates Center for Experimental Archaeology in Civitella Cesa.
Long-term projects in experimental archeology include:
The refining of gold and thermodynamic characterization of the process based on evidence from Sardis and the interpretation of textual sources;
Characterization of the color phenomena of shakudo;
Ancient strategies for the reduction of chalcopyrite ores and the winning of copper;
Joining methods in antiquity.

Course code: DL.W
Length of course: from 9 to 13 July, 2018
Total hours: 40
Participants: Maximum 10
Total fees, VAT included: Euro 1.400

**Entry level (suggested)

For each course, the school suggests the level of preparation needed to achieve maximum results. Teachers and instructors will not be able to spend extra time with students who do not have the indicated skills level.

Advanced: courses suitable only for people in possession of professional requirements or at least three-year studies.

For the participation to the workshop with David Loepp, please note as follow:

Familiarity with the blow pipe torch and/or blowpipe;
Basic knowledge of metallurgy, notably the properties of metals and the preparation of alloys.