Open Call for Exhibitions at Art Centre East in Lappeenranta

Open Call for Exhibitions at Art Centre East in Lappeenranta

Art Center East is open from Tue-Fri 11-17 and Sat 11-14 (during the week exhibition is changed, closed on Tuesday, also Public Holidays will chance opening hours slightly).

You can apply for exhibition time during July - December 2019. You can apply either space, Gallery Riutta or Gallery Roikka, or both. Exhibition time is 4 weeks and it contains the time for building up and taking down the exhibition.
Gallery rent: 550 € one gallery space (Roikka or Riutta), and 1000 € for both spaces. If you are a member of either association, prices are 400 € / one space, 750 € for both spaces. Selling provision is 30 %.

Gallery rent contains:
- Supervision of the exhibition.
- Printable posters.
- Sending invitations by email and social media.
- Contacting the press.
You can apply the exhibition time with the informal application which contains a plan for the exhibition, curriculum vitae and 4-7 pictures of your work. If you want a specific time for the exhibition (for example January 2019) or specific gallery space (for example you want to apply only to Gallery Riutta), mention this in your application. The deadline for applications is the 15th of October 2018.

Gallery Roikka
Gallery Roikka is an excellent space for sculptures, three-dimensional art and paintings. Altogether the length of the walls is 17.5 m, the longest solid wall is 11 m. The walls have hanging rails in the ceiling. Connecting art pieces directly to the wall is possible but has to be negotiated beforehand. Opposite to the longest wall, there is a big window, in front of the window, there is a low white table, depth 1 m. Gallery Roikka has ca. 56 square meters and the hight of the room is 3.15 m.
Gallery Riutta
Gallery Riutta is a square space with 46.5 square meters and suitable for different kinds of art. Hanging rails are available with every wall, altogether there are 16 m wall spaces. Items can be connected directly to the wall but this has to be negotiated beforehand. Also, this space has a big window and in front of it white low tables with the depth of 75 cm. Hight of the space is 3.3 m and it can be darkened. In Gallery Riutta there is one office table for the person of the gallery.

Working committee for choosing the exhibitions has members from both associations.
The decisions from springtime exhibitions will be made 25th October 2018.

Floor plan, pictures and information:
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