The 1st World Symposium for Fashion, Jewellery and Accessories

The 1st World Symposium for Fashion, Jewellery and Accessories

“The First World Symposium for Fashion. Jewellery. Accessories” will be organized and hosted by the College of Design and Innovation of Tongji University in Shanghai, in collaboration with Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD – Genève), Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (CSDMM-UPM), and L’Institut Français de la Mode (IFM Paris). It is an international symposium dedicated to the topic of fashion, jewellery and fashion artefact design.

Section 2: Design, Art, Craftsmanship, Material, Culture

12:20 - 12:40 h
Nichka Marobin (Art Historian, Curator): IN TERRĀ MEDIĀ: The Hybrid Territory of Les Métissages.
Nichka Marobin (Art Historian, Curator)

An Italian art historian specialized in Dutch and Flemish art history. She graduated at the faculty of letters of Padova (Italy) with a dissertation on Renaissance ornament prints from 1500 to 1550 in Germany and the Low Lands, focusing on the migration of forms, themes and styles on the engravings of Cornelis Bos, Cornelis Floris II, Lucas van Leyden and the German Little Masters. She is a contributor of Art Jewellery Forum, a worldwide platform for contemporary jewellery and member of AJF Ambassador Program for contemporary jewellery in Italy; from 2009 she is an active member of AGC the Italian association for contemporary jewellery. Her blogazette, The Morning Bark, is one of the official media partners of JOYA Barcelona, the international contemporary jewellery fair and Gioielli in Fermento, an international contemporary jewellery contest. She is a passionate collector of contemporary jewellery.

IN TERRĀ MEDIĀ: The Hybrid Territory of Les Métissages
"Speaking of fashion doesn't mean to talk about clothes" states Maria Luisa Frisa in her book “Le Forme della moda” (p. 7) and speaking about contemporary jewelry doesn't mean to talk about disparate materials and abstruseness.

Talking of these areas means getting in touch with two complex systems that are constantly related to different topics such as art, design, sociology, anthropology, economics, education, culture, aesthetics. To talk about fashion and contemporary jewellery means speaking about seismographs of time, of taste, of the visible and of the invisible, of two languages of Art.

Talking about fashion and contemporary jewelry also means to reveal the project of Les Métissages and exploring this hybrid territory as a complex system of forms in which the same aesthetic result emerges from two different fields of creation without any cultural contact nor limitation of knowledge.
Les Métissages unveil the anticipations and the collisions of ideas and forms thus, for this reason, they are in terrā mediā, a middle-Earth.
Board of Directors
Prof. Jie Sun (College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University Shanghai. Head of NoCC  / New Center of Contemporary Jewellery and Fashion Culture ).
Prof. Elizabeth Fischer (Dean of Fashion, Jewellery and Accessory Design, HEAD – Genève).
Prof. Guillermo García-Badell (Director, Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).
Ms. Marie-Pierre Gendarme (Director of Executive Education, Institut Français de la Mode / IFM Paris).