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Martedì, 16 Febbraio 2021 07:16

Iliana Tosheva

Bulgarian-born multi-disciplinary professional artist and jewellery designer who currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom. After a long career in Modern Languages, I opted for a career change and following my strong interest in contemporary and applied arts, I switched into designing and creating contemporary jewellery. I currently split my time between creating original large-scale abstract oil paintings and designing and creating both fine and mixed media contemporary jewellery. I work in sterling silver, fine silver, 18K golds, copper, copper mesh and lead-free vitreous enamel. My signature pieces are mostly created by either reticulation or etching or by means of manipulating copper mesh coated in multiple layers of lead-free vitreous enamel. Nature inspired, my body of work is very raw and organic and is mimicking nature at its best. Most of my pieces come in small series of works that are informed by my fascination with and exploration of a huge variety of organic shapes and forms and all are marked for my minimalist approach to my creative process, often relying mainly on mark making and chancing the outcome that is often surprisingly different from the initial idea. Aiming at creating quite a dramatic effect, most of my pieces result in seemingly ill-balanced or non-harmonious wearable objects that complete in a unique way the wearer’s personality and looks. 

Member of KLIMT02, Barcelona, Spain.
Member of NO-GRAM, Rome, Italy.







18K yellow gold ring, 2020
18K yellow gold ring, 2020
18K yellow gold ring, 2020
18K yellow gold ring, 2020
18K yellow gold ear studs, 2020
Brooch: manipulated copper mesh, lead-free vitreous enamel, stainless steel fittings, 'Remnants' series, 2021
Brooch: manipulated copper mesh, lead-free vitreous enamel, stainless steel fittings, 'Remnants' series, 2021
Brooch: manipulated copper mesh, lead-free vitreous enamel, stainless steel fittings, 'Remnants' series, 2021
Brooch: manipulated copper mesh, lead-free vitreous enamel, stainless steel fittings, 'Remnants' series, 2021



Lunedì, 07 Dicembre 2020 12:42

Luca "Eyvia" Ronco


Eyvia Gioielli was born in 1992, from an idea of Luca Ronco.
In his atelier in Aosta, Luca creates and and offers jewelry and gold-crafted objects:
they are unique pieces or limited series, always crafted with highly selected materials in a creative way, based on exclusive designs, also meeting the client’s wishes.

The jewels are the result of thirty years of meticulous, accurate and passionate manual work.







Fire on the Ice, anello in oro bianco, rubini, diamanti e perla coltivata Tahiti
Niloe, pendente in oro bianco, seta e perle coltivate Akoya
Vuelvo al Sur, pendente in oro bianco, diamanti e opale boulder australiano
Mom, pendente in oro giallo e perla blu della Nuova Zelanda (Eyris Blue Pearls)



Martedì, 20 Agosto 2019 12:05

Gianni Riva


Gianni Riva ha una lunga esperienza nell'oreficeria classica, maturata a partire dalla formazione di tradizione Valenzana e sviluppata sul campo, quotidianamente nel suo laboratorio a Borgonovo Val Tidone. Si avvicina al gioiello di ricerca dall'incontro e il confrontarsi con molti colleghi, entrando a far parte di AGC. Dal 2014 dedica parte del suo tempo alla sperimentazione indagando i confini delle tecniche orafe tradizionali.

Conversazioni:  -  Gianni un uomo affabile, sincero, disponibile. Abbiamo spesso discusso sui suoi lavori, così è nato il titolo della sua collezione sperimentale. Conversazione: dire la propria, esprimere nuovi percorsi personali, desiderare altri mezzi espressivi, sperimentare per creare. Approfondendo un argomento di conversazione, si arriva al confronto. L'argomento è la sperimentazione, in particolare sulla microfusione alla ricerca della qualità, la ricerca formale prosegue nella collezione "Conversazioni": dialogo, confronto e sfida. Continua... (E.Negroni, Borgonovo Val Tidone)

Gianni Riva has a long experience in classic goldsmithing, gained from the training of Italian goldsmithing school of Valenza and developed in the field, daily in his laboratory in Borgonovo Val Tidone. He approaches the research in contemporary jewellery by meeting and comparing himself with many colleagues, becoming part of AGC. Since 2014 he has been dedicating part of his time to experimentation by investigating the boundaries of traditional goldsmith techniques.

Conversation series:  -  Gianni is an agreeable, sincere and helpful man, besides being a clever goldsmith. We often talked about his works, so the title of his experimental collection was born. Conversation: saying your own, expressing new personal paths, wishing other ways for expression, experimenting to create. Going deeper into a topic of conversation leads to confrontation. The topic is experimentation, in particular searching for limits on micro-casting, formal research continues in the "Conversazioni" collection: dialogue, confrontation and challenge. To be continued... (E.Negroni, Borgonovo Val Tidone)







Conversation #2017
- bracciale, argento, patine, ossidi, 2017 (collezione Conversazioni) - bangle, silver, patina, oxidation, 2017 (Conversation series)
Conversation #2017 indossato
Conversation #2018
- bracciale, argento, patine, ossidi, 2018 (collezione Conversazioni) - bangle, silver, patina, oxidation, 2018 (Conversation series)
Brush stroke
- bracciale, argento, smalto, 2014 - bangle, silver, enamel, 2014
Confrontation (Conversation series)
- bracciale, argento, ottone, 2019 (collezione Conversazioni) - bangle, silver, brass, 2019 (Conversation series)
Spot ring
- anello, argento, 2016 - ring, silver, 2016
- anello, argento, smalti, 2013 - ring, silver, enamel, 2013



Giovedì, 08 Ottobre 2020 13:58

Carla Riccoboni


Carla Riccoboni approda all’arte orafa attraverso la grafica ed il design. Filo conduttore della sua ricerca è l'attenzione rivolta al segno, al ritmo e alle scritture, risolte in termini di raffinate sequenze geometriche come in ALPHABET o tese al recupero di antichi repertori, come i tracciati di origine arabo-bizantina della collezione VENEZIA e i simboli archetipi della collezione MADREFORME. Pioniera del gioiello autoprodotto, dal 1987 inizia a commercializzare direttamente le sue collezioni in Europa ricevendo importanti riconoscimenti: premi, pubblicazioni, mostre, ecc. Nel 2007 alla chiusura dell'officina Angelo Tovo di Vicenza, insieme a Nadir Stringa, recupera da sicura distruzione circa 2500 madreforme, attrezzature base necessarie per realizzare lo "stampato", tipica lavorazione della storia orafa del territorio. Dallo studio di questo materiale nasce la collezione MADREFORME, tuttora in evoluzione. Da sempre interessata al tema della serialità, Carla Riccoboni collabora con AGC (Ass. Gioiello Contemporaneo) dove dal 2011 al 2014 ha coordinato una ricerca di gruppo pubblicata nel libro MULTIPLI SINGOLARI ( ed. Design Experience). Carla Riccoboni vive e lavora a Bassano del Grappa (VI)


Carla Riccoboni approaches goldsmith's art through graphics and design.The underlying theme of her research is the focus on the sign, rhythm and writings, solved in terms of refined geometric sequences such in ALPHABET or aimed at the recovery of old repertories, such as the paths of Arabic-byzantine origin of the VENEZIA collection and the archetypal symbols of the MADREFORME collection. Pioneer of the self-produced jewel, as from 1987 she begins to commercialize directly her collections in Europe, receiving major awards: prizes, publications, exhibitions. In 2007, upon the closure of the workshop Angelo Tovo of Vicenza, along with Nadir Stringa, she recovers from certain destruction about 2500 madreforme, the basic equipment needed to realize the "printed", a typical work of the of the goldsmith history of the Vicenza area. From the study of this material, the MADREFORME collection is born and is still evolving. Always interested in the topic of seriality, Carla Riccoboni collaborates with AGC (Ass. Contemporary Jewel) where from 2011 to 2014 she coordinated a group research published in the book MULTIPLI SINGOLARI ( ed. Design Experience). Carla Riccoboni lives and works in Bassano del Grappa (VI)







GAMMA s-catenata Coll. ALPHABET
(2008 ) Chain 120 cm long. Ag 800 Hot lacquered
Chain 100 cm long. Ag 800
(1990) Coll. ALPHABET
Chains built with flat modules assembled without welding
Anodized titanium yellow and green
Mother form, old iron equipment of the XX century, used for industrial goldsmithing in the Vicenza area
Brooch with magnet Ag 925 MADREFORME collection Diam. mm 50
earrings Ag 925 MADREFORME collection mm. 30x20x10 circa
Hot lacquered Ag 925 brooch-earrings MADREFORME collection Diam. 40-50 mm
Reversible brooch in 750 Au. MADREFORME collection Surfaces printed with old mother form. Mm. 65x45x8
Reversible brooch in 750 Au. MADREFORME collection Surfaces printed with old mother form. Mm. 68x68x8
Double, modular, brooch in 925 Ag, plexiglass MADREFORME collection Surfaces printed with old mother form. Mm 90x60x10
Carla Riccoboni's workshop in Bassano (VI)



Lunedì, 21 Settembre 2020 11:54

Michael Hofmeyer

Australia / Italy

The pleasure for me in making and designing is through improvisation and experimentation.

Together with Goldsmithing I also work with opaque and transparent vitreous enamels.

My most recent project ‘FRAGILITY SERIES’ takes inspiration from the beauty and colour of the hidden worlds of coral reefs, particularly fragile in these times of climate change.







Brooch. Water 1.Fragility series. 80x45mm. Transparent & opaque enamel, copper, stg silver and walnut wood.
Brooch. Water 2. Fragility series. Diameter 45mm. Opaque and transparent enamel, stg silver, copper and 18ct gold.
Brooch. Water 3. Fragility series. 55x45mm. Opaque &Transparent enamel, copper and stg silver.
Earrings. Water 5. Atolls, fragility series. 40x30mm. Transparent enamel, stg silver and stainless steel.
Earrings. Rutilated Quartz & 18ct Gold.



Sabato, 19 Settembre 2020 10:42

Grazie Giancarlo

Caro Giancarlo, dalla ultima sua e-mail ad AGC del 9 settembre.

…….spero tutto bene per TE , l’AGC , tutto il DIRETTIVO e i SOCI tutti.

Personalmente vi penso pur non partecipando per i miei problemi di salute (…) con Stima…Simpatia…e Amicizia…… ciao GianCarlo

P.S - buon lavoro

Ciao Maestro, ti ricordiamo con affetto e stima, ricordiamo le tue parole verso AGC con le quali ci hai sempre sollecitato sul significato di qualità e ricerca che dovevano essere i punti fondamentali del “progettare cultura” come ci avevi detto nell’ultima assemblea soci.

Grazie GianCarlo per averci sempre incoraggiato ad approfondire sperimentazione ed innovazione, tutto ciò che completava ogni tua opera. Grazie, per la tua preziosa presenza nell’Associazione sin dalla sua fondazione.




Dear Giancarlo, from your last e-mail to AGC on 9 September.

…… .I hope all is well for YOU, the AGC, all the BOARD and all MEMBERS.

I think of you even though I’m not present due to my health problems (...) with esteem ... respect ... and friendship ... Bye, GianCarlo

P.S – All the best

Hello Master, we remember you with great affection and esteem, we remember your kind words for AGC, with which you have always urged us on the meaning of quality and research. As you stated in the last members’ meeting, these are the fundamental points of "designing culture".

Thank you GianCarlo for always encouraging us to look further into experimentation and innovation, two aspects that were always present in all your works. Thank you for your precious presence in the Association since its foundation.


Giovedì, 30 Luglio 2020 07:54

Thereza Pedrosa Gallery


“We truly believe in the importance of Art in our lives, in every aspect of our daily routines. Art that is savoured to the fullest leads to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, making us part of beauty itself”.

The Thereza Pedrosa | Beautiful People Live Art gallery is born out of the desire of Elinor Garnero and Thereza Pedrosa to celebrate interconnections between the arts by promoting artists, sculptors, designers and creatives. The aim is to show how all art forms are facets of a unique diamond, all contributing to the beauty of the whole. The name Beautiful People Live Art itself collects the deepest meaning, referring to the importance of art in our lives, in every aspect of our daily routines. Art that is savoured to the fullest leads to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, making us part of beauty itself. We live art when a painting in the living room welcomes us and soothes our souls when we return home every evening. We live art with a sculpture in the hallway, which we caress absentmindedly as we head out to start a new day. We live art with a unique jewel that, like an amulet, channels our energy, strength and self-assurance to face every challenge with our heads held high.





Thereza Pedrosa Gallery, via Canova 332, Asolo, Italy.
Thereza Pedrosa Gallery, via Canova 332, Asolo, Italy.
Bruno Pedrosa, Brazil-Italy.
Carla Riccoboni, Italy.
Gigi Mariani, Italy.
Corrado De Meo, Italy.
Maria Rosa Franzin, Italy.
Patrizia Bonati, Italy.
Stefano Rossi, Italy.
Yoko Takirai and Pietro Pellitteri, Japan - Italy.



Martedì, 16 Giugno 2020 10:52

Annarita Bianco


Merıstėma Lab è uno studio di design sperimentale. Come in un laboratorio alchemico, la materia muta, le sostanze si mescolano, i materiali si trasformano e le suggestioni provenienti da diverse aree disciplinari si fondono per assumere nuove conformazioni. Come il meristema - tessuto vegetale che contiene cellule indifferenziate - ogni concetto può materializzarsi in qualcosa che superi le distinzioni tradizionali: gioielli, grafica, spazi che ibridano artigianato e processi tecnologici, analogico e digitale, biologico e artificiale.
Merıstėma Lab è fondato da Annarita Bianco. Dopo aver conseguito il diploma di laurea in Interno architettonico e una specializzazione in progettazione architettonica, seguendo la sua passione per il contatto diretto con la materia ha intrapreso la formazione come orafa e designer del gioiello.

Blurring boundaries among disciplines, Merıstėma Lab is an experimental design studio. As in an alchemist laboratory, matter changes, substances melt, materials transform and suggestions coming from different field merge to assume a different state. Such as meristem any concept could take a shape that crosses traditional design field: jewellery, graphic design, spaces that hybridate traditional craft and technological progress, analogical and digital, biological and artificial. Merıstėma Lab is founded by Annarita Bianco, bachelor degree in Interior Design, Master degree in Architectural Design, freelance graphic designer, trainee goldsmith and jewellery designer. Always looking for something that merges technological research and craftsmanship, humanistic studies and scientific theories.





3020 collection_T|01 S|02 U|03 Brooches
Laser engraved sterling silver, epoxy resin, e-waste [2020]
3020 collection_U|03, brooch
Laser engraved sterling silver, epoxy resin, e-waste [2020]
3020 collection_U|03, earrings
Laser engraved sterling silver, patina, epoxy resin, e-waste. [2019]
3020 Graft series, earrings
Gold plated silver, epoxy resin, e-waste. [2020]



Venerdì, 12 Giugno 2020 10:15




Alchimia is one of the most prestigious jewellery schools in Europe, offering Two-Year Bachelors and Master programs, annual and short courses.








Entrata principale della scuola, Piazza Piattellina (Fi)
Stuio del Master, Via S. giovanni (Fi)
Laboratorio, Piazza Piattellina (Fi)
Laboratorio, Piazza Piattellina (Fi)



Lunedì, 27 Aprile 2020 12:43

Laura Volpi


Il mio lavoro è una sintesi di energia, ricerca e materia che prende forma attraverso l’elaborazione di stimoli visivi della nostra contemporaneità per creare gioielli che sono singoli frammenti della mia narrazione creativa. Utilizzo lo studio del volume e la ricerca della forma scultorea, per creare un gioiello che esplora il senso del movimento in una dimensione indossabile. Cerco di rispondere a questa domanda: E’ possibile indossare una scultura?

My work is a synthesis of energy, research and matter that takes shape through the elaboration of visual stimuli from our contemporaneity, to create jewels that reveal each a different part of my creative storytelling. I conduct an accurate study of volume and a research of the sculptural shape, to create a jewel that explores the sensation of movement in a wearable dimension. I attempt to answer this question: Is is possible to wear a sculture?





OPEN silver ring
Silver ARIA ring with ruby
Silver AIR necklace
Ring LA BELLA E LA BESTIA silver with chalcedony grapes and lemon quartz
TERRA bronze rings with green tourmaline, citrine and pyrite
MINIMA bronze rings with rubies, hessonite and london topaz
IMPULSO bronze rings and earrings
Bracelet with sculptural inserts in silver; raw linen, silver thread, cotton, silk, mohair with handmade loom weaving