New Rings

New Rings: 500 Designs from Around the World

Rings symbolize many things. They can serve as personal statements, adornments, representations of a commitment, or a sentimental reminder. In the hands of the world’s most creative jewelers they transcend into works of art in endlessly intriguing ways.

This marvelously illustrated survey showcases 591 contemporary rings that have been created by nearly 300 international designers. It is divided into five sections—one for each finger. Aside from being purely decorative, the position of the ring on the hand and the way in which it is worn can denote love, promise, rebellion, compromise, or affiliation.

The rings range from more traditional decorative rings to conceptual and abstract pieces. The featured designers employ a wide variety of techniques, and the materials they use include gold, platinum, precious stones, plastic, bones, fiber, wood, shells, plants, and more.