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In my work I embrace both traditional as well as modern techniques and find great inspiration in the ensuing dialogues that my art reflects love transforming simple objects into art and the surprise caused by the unexpected charge objects and surfaces with human personalities and traits generate new materials with a child’s curiosity, weighed down by time melancholy.
The outcome is contradictory, personal and political, a cry for freedom.
I don’t always see limits between different disciplines as I restlessly experiment on new art practices try to push the limits of how jewelry is still produced and perceived as an "object" and how it is connected to a limited understanding of beauty.

I am the outcome of my story:
Since childhood I have had the passion of collecting and observing, fueling my creativity.
Texture, colors, volume, reflections, smell, taste, were some of my criteria to keep or toss my findings.
I used to create new objects using the ones I found and I never outgrew that characteristic.
My studies were in History, Archaeology & History of Art (BA, National Kapodistrian University of Athens) and they have shaped my knowledge on human and material history. At the same time, I have had, design, classic and contemporary jewelry seminars as I needed to understand my creative process and become technically skilled in order to transform my artifacts into quality pieces.
I have been awarded with the Bronze A’ Design Award as a member of the Urban Fiction design team as well as a Special Mention from the Italian association of contemporary jewelry (AGC) at the competition Jewels in Ferment 2016. Recently, I have won a scholarship from Krama Institute of Contemporary Jewelry.



an echo of a distant time
Aluminum, salt, plastic earbud, silver, sponge, plaster, iron nail Arm brooch/ Time project
Landscape of Futurepast
Plaster, acrylics, brass, watch mechanism, steel. Brooch
Mind the Wasp!
Silver, stainless steel, bronze, copper Rings
No one called us to the land
Dried plant, plaster, resin, acrylics, silver Ring/ Time project
no one crosses there alive
Plaster, sponge, resin, acrylics, silver Brooch/ Time project
no one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun
Bronze handle, coral, silver, vintage pen nibs Hand piece/ Time project
Symposium Untangled
Silver, brass Object/ Pendant
The Fighter- Freeze
Freeze. And then? Are you gonna flee or Fight?
The Fighter
You can Flee if you want. I'm gonna Fight. Bracelets
there is time to kill today
Paper cutting blades, silver, plaster, resin, acrylics - Brooch / Time project








  • Nome: Marilena Karagkiozi
  • Indirizzo: Borgo San Biagio 1, 43121
  • Città: Parma
  • Nazione: Italia
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  • Telefono: 393450484031