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The contemporary field of jewelry, which is based on the classic field, accords the artisan's extensive freedom with regard to the techniques and materials he uses. In addition to the historical baggage that the jewel carries, the contemporary jewel is designed, among others, to defy and raise questions about the accepted status and beauty markers as well as a way to express a message, an idea, even a protest, thereby expanding a craft into an art form.

For me, the field of contemporary jewelry allows me to touch on issues that concern me in the course of my life, things, and issues that I am interested in responding to. I create with materials that are around me, which are available to me and violate my thoughts; that being said, slowly, in recent years, my heart and hands have fallen in love with Copper and its ability to receive and respond. I work mainly with techniques that combine hammers. In addition, I have specialized in various techniques for creating patinas on metal for the past eight years.



Ariel Lavian was born in 1983 in Israel. Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 2012 (B.F.A, Fashion and Jewelry Department), followed by a Master's Degree in conceptual design in 2016 at Bezalel.

Since 2017, Lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Lavian has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world. His designs have been acquired internationally, both by private collectors as well as selected museums, including the SCAD Museum of Art, Georgia, United States, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv and the Design Museum, Holon, Israel.

Since 2018, Lavian has been appointed Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) Ambassador for Israel.

In 2019, Lavian received the Design Award from the Ministry of Culture, Israel.

In 2020, Lavian won second place in Venice's Design Week in the jewelry selection and the galleries award and was nominated for the prestigious Friedrich-Becker and KOGEI awards.

In 2021, Lavian won the Milano Jewelry Week award at RJW. In 2022, Lavian founded the Biennale of Contemporary Jewelry in Israel.

In 2022, Lavian won the Special Selected Work at the 22nd Korea International Jewelry Design Competition.

In 2023, the Jurors’ Choice at the Lewton-Brain Foldforming Competition, and again in 2023, Lavian won the Special Selected Work at the 23rd Korea International Jewelry Design Competition.


My garden - spring time
Brooch | Materials: Rose, bee, bark. Size: 121x72x51 mm. 2017
My garden - spring time
Brooch | Materials: Wood bark, soil, Wasp Nest, stone. Size: 132x63x71 mm. 2017 Brooch. Materials: Wood bark, soil, Wasp Nest, stone. Size: 132x63x71 mm. 2017
Depths of Heaven
Ring | Materials: Copper, sterling silver, enamel, epoxy Size: 86x64x57 mm 2020
Depths of Heaven
Object | Materials: Copper. Size: 150x141x68 mm 2020
Depths of Heaven
Neckobject | Materials: Copper. Size: 280x235x40 mm 2020
Depths of Heaven 2.0
Object | Materials: Copper, stainless steel. Size: 79x111x39 mm 2021
Depths of Heaven 2.0
Brooch | Materials: Copper, stainless steel. Size: 79x111x39 mm 2021
Part of my soul is made out of copper
Brooch | Materials: Copper, stainless steel. Size: 56x137x139 mm 2022
Scorched Earth
Brooch | Materials: Copper, stainless steel Size: 41x77x78 mm 2022


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