Ana Calbucci



Ana Calbucci production is always linked to who she was - a woman, from South America, with European ancestors, who lives in one of the largest cities of the world, in a country with enormous social and racial inequalities. This is the country of the largest equatorial rainforest in Earth. Forest that is being devastated under our eyes.
So as a Brazilian poet says, she is a true “walking metamorphosis” in this cauldron of complexities that she lives. Sometimes her work is very intimate and very personal, and sometimes it overflows in a social and ecological questioning inherent to this universe that she belongs to.




"Mimesis" by Mimesis Series
Rings - 2021 | TPU Filament, 3D pen, acrilic color and crochet
"Mimesis" by Mimesis Series
Brooch - 2021 | TPU filament, 3D pen, acrilic paint, crochet and silver 925
"Angustia" by Shipwreck series
Ring - 2020 | oxidized silver 9, micro glass spheres, epoxi resin
"Silencio" by Shipwreck Series
Ring - 2020 | Silver 925, micro glass spheres, epoxi resin
"Inside Out" by Shipwreck series
Bracelete - 2020 | Silver 925, micro glass spheres and enamel
"Take and Tame" by Here and Now series
Ring - 2020 | Polimerclay, silver 925 and tourmalines


  • Nome: Ana Calbucci
  • Indirizzo: Rua Taruba, 306
  • Città: São Paulo
  • Nazione: Brasile
  • E-mail: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
  • Telefono: 005511999957035